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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume I, Number 2 (National Agenda for Children Issue)

NCJ Number
Juvenile Justice Volume: 1 Issue: 2 Dated: (Fall/Winter 1993) Pages: complete issue
Date Published
December 1993
40 pages
Publication Series
This journal contains a number of innovative ideas for preventing juvenile delinquency.
This journal covers a number of issues in the field of juvenile justice. It begins with an interview with the United States Attorney General Janet Reno in which she discusses her call for a National Agenda for Children. She expresses her belief that we need to intervene in the lives of children before they become delinquents by providing a consistent support system for times when the family cannot provide that support. A second article focuses on what the author terms the denominator approach to delinquency prevention. This approach would not treat juveniles only after they have become offenders but would help all young people to develop attachments to society and to societal norms. The article discusses the National Youth Service Program proposed by President Bill Clinton which is an example of a denominator approach. A third article discusses the need for new, creative approaches to the problem of juvenile delinquency. It is critical of large bureaucracies with traditional top-down management which administer juvenile justice and favors a more community-oriented approach. The 20 winners of the Gould-Wysinger Awards, which recognize local programs that are working to improve the juvenile justice system, are announced in this volume. Finally, the journal contains information about a recently held forum on Safeguarding Our Youth, a statistical profile of juvenile victims, a description of an Ohio program to increase community-based placements of juvenile offenders, and several publication reviews.

Date Published: December 1, 1993