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Internet Safety 101: Rules ‘N Tools Kit (1st Edition)

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2008
243 pages
This first edition (2008) of Internet Safety 101 contains a manual, a DVD, and other resources designed to empower parents to protect their children from online pornography and predators who use the Internet as a tool for perpetrating emotional and sexual abuse of young internet users.
The manual, coupled with a DVD that parallels the manual’s content, combines the most critical Internet safety information with testimony, advice, and information from leading experts who provide the guidance parents, educators, and guardians need to ensure that children and youth use the Internet in ways that will prevent their contact with abusive material and predators seeking young victims. The materials point parents to the best Web sites and organizational resources for specific, topical, and child-focused solutions. The manual and DVD first address the topic of pornography, defining it, describing how it is mainstreamed through the Internet, identifying the harms pornography can cause, listing the warning signs that a child may be viewing pornography, and guiding parents in how to prevent their children from viewing online pornography. This is followed by a segment on Internet predators that addresses their motivation, facts on online sexual solicitations, profile of a predator, predators’ “grooming” and seduction methods, risky online behaviors by potential victims, and warning signs that a child has been contacted by or interacted with a predator online. The third topic addresses the ways in which Internet programming has evolved that pose certain risks for children, namely social networking sites, online gaming, and the use of the Internet to bully specific users (“cyberbullying”). The fourth segment of the packet focuses on specific rules and tools parents can use to increase their children’s safety while using the Internet. Advice for parents addresses not only computer use but also parental controls for mobile phones, wireless devices, and game consoles. Appended resources and materials
Date Published: January 1, 2008