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Creating Publications: Write To Fight Crime

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Date Published
April 2000
8 pages
Publication Series
This bulletin guides the reader through the publication process for crime prevention compositions, from researching the subject of the publication to distributing the final product.
Publications are first defined as "anything from a one-page flier to a brochure, from a poster to a book." The bulletin then discusses how publications can contribute to crime prevention by educating, informing, and motivating people in mounting and implementing crime prevention endeavors. Questions that must be answered before starting to write are then outlined. These include such questions as the frequency of the publication and its format. Other planning issues are the target audience for the publication, number of copies, distribution logistics, and the response desired from readers. Steps in the creation of the publication itself are then described. The steps are researching the subject; outlining the document; writing, editing, and rewriting the document; designing the publication; going to press; and distributing the publication. Some of the challenges in creating a publication are then identified, including how to address differences in views on an issue being covered in the publication. The bulletin concludes with discussions of some of the rewards of creating a publication and how the publication can be evaluated. 4 related readings

Date Published: April 1, 2000