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The AMBER Advocate, Spring/Summer 2012

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Amber Advocate Dated: Spring/Summer 2012 Pages: 1-16
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16 pages
This issue of the AMBER Advocate reports on a symposium on trafficking in persons (April 10-13, 2012); a profile of Dick Novik, a broadcaster who assisted in creating the New York AMBER Alert Plan; AMBER Alert international activities; AMBER Alert in Indian Country; and news on various efforts in the implementation and advancement of AMBER Alert.
"REPORT: Trafficking in Persons Symposium" addresses the connection between child abductions and human trafficking and challenges AMBER Alert partners to develop a comprehensive child abduction response plan that encompasses countermeasures for the abduction of children for sex trafficking. "PROFILE: Amber Alert Broadcaster of the Year Teaches New York to Love Amber Alerts" describes the contributions of New York broadcaster Dick Novick, who participates in every AMBER Alert review and is constantly educating broadcasters about AMBER Alert. "AMBER Alert International" describes what is happening to advance AMBER Alert in countries throughout the world, including Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Poland, and the Netherlands. "AMBER Alert in Indian Country" reports on efforts to inform New Mexico tribes in Indian Country about the latest methods for recovering abducted children in Indian Country. "FRONT LINES: Law Enforcement Leadership Award Goes to Officers Who Risked Their Lives To Save a Child" presents the details of the case in which two sheriffs and a park ranger in South Dakota risked their lives in responding to an AMBER Alert that saved an abducted child. "Odds & Ends" presents brief reports on AMBER Alert activities throughout the United States.

Date Published: January 1, 2012