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The AMBER Advocate, Fall 2017

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Date Published
November 2017
16 pages

This issue presents feature sections that report on cases in which AMBER Alert assisted, the work of AMBER Alert coordinators in various states, training programs related to the work of AMBER Alert, and innovative efforts to enhance the impact of AMBER Alert in preventing and responding to cases of missing and abducted children.


One article explains how the tragic abduction and murder of an Indian girl in Arizona led to the development of an AMBER Alert Plan for the Navajo Nation. Another article, "Faces of the AMBER Alert Network" profiles the work of Stacey Pearson, an AMBER Alert coordinator in Louisiana, and Jennifer Viets, the Montana AMBER Alert Coordinator since 2012. "AMBER Alert on the Front Lines" describes how the Florida AMBER Alert assisted in the safe return of an abducted child and the arrest of a suspect. "AMBER Alert Training" reports on training programs in Puerto Rico, joint Mexico and United States personnel training on cross-border abductions, and a joint police-community workshop in Dallas, Texas, that addressed the prevention and response to victims of sex trafficking. Another case presentation focuses on how a dog in Ohio has been trained to bring comfort to children during child forensic interviews, forensic medical exams, and legal proceedings. "AMBER Alert International" reports on the network's activities in Europe, and the section on "AMBER Alert in Indian Country" reports on AMBER Alert activities in Tribal communities.

Date Published: November 1, 2017