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OJJDP FY 2017 Safe and Thriving Communities: Planning and Collaboration

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The purpose of Safe and Thriving Communities is to reduce communities' youth-related gun crime and gang violence in the most violent neighborhoods across this country. Funding will be available to jurisdictions for planning and collaboration. Awards will be provided to develop capacity to collectively combating community and related violence through multi-disciplinary and community partnerships, balanced and restorative approaches, data-driven solutions, and strategic coordinated action at both the policy and practice levels. Applicants must advance efforts through a collaborative body with representation from affected youth and families, city/county leadership, and public and private stakeholders including law enforcement, public health, courts, workforce and jobs development, housing, and local schools and colleges, among others.

Awards will support an initial phase of collaborative strategic planning and capacity-building and position successful applicants to apply for funds through a projected, subsequent, limited competition to implement approved plans. Planning and capacity-building activities may including training, staff development, and data development.


Number of Awards: 5
Total Amount Awarded: $3,688,848

Date Created: December 29, 2016