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OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Use the search filters below to find award details for OJJDP funding opportunities.

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State: PA,
District: 18

Number of Awards: 30
Total Amount Awarded: $15,246,057

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2018 Allegheny County Family Support Program OJJDP FY 2018 Second Chance Act Addressing the Needs of Incarcerated Parents With Minor Children Allegheny County PA 2018-IG-BX-0004 $748,902 Open
2016 The Pittsburgh Parenting Partnership OJJDP FY 16 Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers, Young Mothers, and Their Children Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania PA 2017-CZ-BX-0001 $331,250 Closed
2015 City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, Multi-Strategy Coordinator Application OJJDP FY 15 Juvenile Justice System Improvement Invited Applications City of Pittsburgh PA 2015-JV-FX-0060 $120,000 Closed
2014 Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (MCOIPP) OJJDP FY 14 Practitioner-Researcher Partnership Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents Demonstration Program: Category 1: Program Development and Implementation Youth Collaboratory Inc. PA 2014-JU-FX-0008 $2,492,322 Closed
2013 Developing Self-Regulation, Delinquency Trajectories, and Juvenile Justice Outcomes in Young Women OJJDP FY 13 Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation Program: Category 2: Extended or Expanded Data Collection and Analyses of Relevant Ongoing/Existing Longitudinal Studies University of Pittsburgh PA 2013-JF-FX-0058 $496,073 Closed
2010 Continuation of Dissemination and Archiving of Pittsburgh Youth Study Data OJJDP FY 10 Demonstration Programs Division Grants University of Pittsburgh PA 2010-JF-FX-0445 $299,505 Closed
2010 Multidisciplinary team advocacy and legal representation for abused and neglected children. OJJDP FY 10 Earmarks Program KidsVoice PA 2010-JL-FX-0066 $500,000 Closed
2010 Youth Futures Commission Projects OJJDP FY 10 Earmarks Program United Way of Allegheny County PA 2010-JL-FX-0045 $275,000 Closed
2009 Allegheny County Housing Authority - Harrison Township Community Center After-School Program OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs Allegheny County Housing Authority PA 2010-JL-FX-0005 $400,000 Closed
2009 Houses on the Hilltop for At-risk Youths in the Pittsburgh Neighborhoods OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs Brashear Association, Inc. PA 2009-JL-FX-0119 $100,000 Closed
2009 Learning and Mentoring Partnership - this is a prevention program for high-risk youth who are more likely to join gangs. OJJDP FY 09 Gang Prevention Youth Mentoring Program School District of Pittsburgh PA 2009-JU-FX-0031 $500,000 Closed
2009 Rankin Christian Center's Youth Development Initiative OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs Rankin Christian Center PA 2009-JL-FX-0108 $150,000 Closed
2009 The Pathways Program OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs WEST JEFFERSON HILLS SCHOOL DISTRICT PA 2009-JL-FX-0083 $500,000 Closed
2009 Youth Futures Commission Programs OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs United Way of Allegheny County PA 2009-JL-FX-0079 $400,000 Closed
2008 4 Kids Bridge Funding Project (4 Kids Early Learning Program) OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs Heritage Health Foundation, Inc. PA 2008-JL-FX-0088 $89,299 Closed
2008 Points of Healthy Youth Sustainability, Engagement, and Development (PHYSED) OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs East End Cooperative Ministry PA 2008-JL-FX-0089 $447,174 Closed
2008 To Provide Prevention Services to at Risk Girls, Ages 8 to 18 OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs Gwens Girls Inc PA 2008-JL-FX-0077 $89,435 Closed
2008 Western PA CARES OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs Family Communications, Inc. PA 2008-JL-FX-0100 $178,870 Closed
2008 YouthWorks, Inc.: Providing life-changing career preparation for at-risk youth OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs YouthWorks Inc. PA 2008-JL-FX-0128 $44,717 Closed
2007 Amachi Pittsburgh: Building Capacity for High Impact Mentoring through Innovative Partners OJJDP FY 07 Support for Mentoring Initiatives Solicitation Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation PA 2007-JU-FX-0005 $1,000,000 Closed
2007 Pathways to Desistance OJJDP FY 07 Field Initiated Research and Evaluation Program Univeristy of Pittsburgh PA 2007-MU-FX-0002 $600,000 Closed
2007 Three-City Demonstration Project OJJDP FY 07 Carryover from FY 2006 Programs Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation PA 2007-AH-FX-K001 $1,000,000 Closed
2006 Pittsburgh's Gang Free Schools and Communities Initiative OJJDP FY 2006 Solicitation for FY 2005 Carryovers (DPD) School District of Pittsburgh PA 2007-JV-FX-0004 $205,000 Closed
2006 Truancy Prevention Intervention Program OJJDP FY 2006 Congressional Earmark Programs (DPD) Community Empowerment Association PA 2006-JL-FX-0326 $197,446 Closed
2005 Continuation PYS to analyze data on violence and serious Delinquency OJJDP FY05/ICAC University of Pittsburgh PA 2005-JK-FX-0001 $350,000 Closed