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Awards: List of Funded Projects

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The data presented on this page is updated through September 23, 2020. On October 15, 2020 the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) transitioned to the Justice Grants System (JustGrants) for all grants management activities.

OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Find details for funding awards from OJJDP below.

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State: MO,
District: 1

Number of Awards: 18
Total Amount Awarded: $9,311,904

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2019 St. Louis Family Treatment Court OJJDP FY 19 Family Drug Court Program St. Louis Treatment Court MO 2019-DC-BX-0105 $380,933 Open
2017 Safe and Thriving St. Louis OJJDP FY 2017 Safe and Thriving Communities: Planning and Collaboration City of St. Louis MO 2017-MU-MU-K006 $737,770 Open
2016 Annie Malone Children & Family Service Center: St. Louis Girls At Risk Initiative OJJDP FY 16 Reducing Reliance on Secure Placement and Improving Community-Based Responses for Girls At-Risk of Entering the Juvenile Justice System Annie Malone Children & Family Service Center MO 2016-GJ-FX-K006 $311,972 Open
2014 Fathers Make A Difference - A Reentry Mentoring Project OJJDP FY 14 Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers and Their Children: A Reentry Mentoring Project FATHERS'' SUPPORT CENTER, ST. LOUIS INC MO 2014-IG-BX-0005 $400,000 Closed
2013 You Only Live Once (YOLO) STL - Juvenile Reentry Program OJJDP FY 13 Second Chance Act Juvenile Reentry Program: Category 2: Implementation Projects St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment MO 2013-CZ-BX-0020 $358,477 Closed
2010 Project Research to Action in Mentoring OJJDP FY 10 Mentoring Research Best Practices Curators of the University of Missouri on Behalf of UMSL MO 2010-JU-FX-0114 $716,301 Closed
2009 Gang Prevention Refugee Youth Mentoring Program OJJDP FY 09 Gang Prevention Youth Mentoring Program Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma MO 2009-JU-FX-0047 $500,000 Closed
2009 Juvenile Justice Prevention and Treatment Program OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs BJC Behavioral Health MO 2009-JL-FX-0184 $900,000 Closed
2009 MERS/Goodwill's Juvenile Offender Transition Program OJJDP FY 09 Earmarks Programs MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries MO 2009-JL-FX-0209 $275,000 Closed
2008 After School and Graduate Support Program OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs De La Salle Middle School Inc MO 2008-JL-FX-0197 $290,663 Closed
2006 Metro East Families for Safe Environments OJJDP FY 2006 Congressional Earmark Programs (DPD) Provident Counseling Inc MO 2006-JL-FX-K247 $98,723 Closed
2005 Presbyterian Children's Services will serve severely neglected, abused children at Farmington's Children's Home. FY 2005 OJJDP Congressional Earmark Programs Presbyterian Childrens Services Inc MO 2005-JL-FX-K085 $197,329 Closed
2004 Presbyterian Children's Services is requesting funds to cover the unfunded cost of caring for children at Farmington Children's Home. Children served are severely neglected, abused or suffering from FY 2004 OJJDP Congressional Earmark Program Presbyterian Childrens Services Inc MO 2004-JL-FX-K130 $494,739 Closed
2003 Adult Drug Court Enhancement Program for St. Louis City OJJDP Formula Grants Program Supplement (ABS) Twenty Second Judicial Circuit City of St. Louis MO 2003-DC-BX-0018 $215,491 Closed
2003 Evaluation of Teens, Crime, and Community Program and Community Works Training NIJ Solicitation For Evaluations of OJJDP Discretionary Programs Curators of The University of Missouri On Behalf of The University of Missouri St. Louis MO 2003-JN-FX-0003 $1,625,274 Closed
2003 INTERNET CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department MO 2003-MC-CX-K102 $299,882 Closed
2003 St. Louis for Kids Resource Connection FY 2003 OJJDP Congressional Earmark Programs Regional Violence Initiative MO 2003-JS-FX-0005 $99,350 Closed
1995 SafeFutures: St. Louis, Missouri OJJDP Discretionary Continuation Programs - Child Protection St. Louis Agency on Training & Employment MO 1995-MU-MU-0031 $1,410,000 Closed