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Awards: List of Funded Projects

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OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Find details for funding awards from OJJDP below.

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Awards Listing

Number of Awards: 11,174
Total Amount Awarded: $8,620,138,425

Funded Awards
FY Title Sort ascending Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2004 BGCA Targeted Outreach Initiatives
Gang Prevention through Targeted Outreach
Gang Intervention through Targeted Outreach
Targeted Re-Entry
FY 2004 OJJDP Discretionary Continuation Programs - Demonstration Boys And Girls Clubs of America GA 1995-JD-FX-0007 $1,700,000 Closed
2023 BGCA OJJDP OPI FY 2023 Opioid Prevention Initiative OJJDP FY 2023 Mentoring for Youth Affected by Opioid and Other Substance Misuse BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA GA 15PJDP-23-GG-01322-MENT $2,000,000 Open
2002 Beyond Missing Internet Poster Distribution Project OJJDP Discretionary Continuation Programs - Child Protection Beyond Missing Incorporated CA 2002-DD-BX-K003 $846,000 Closed
2005 Beyond Missing Amber Alert Poster Creation and Distribution Project FY 2005 OJJDP Congressional Earmark Programs Beyond Missing Incorporated CA 2005-DD-BX-K030 $493,322 Closed
2006 Beyond Missing Amber Alert Poster Creation and Distribution Project OJJDP FY 2006 Congressional Earmark Programs (DPD) Beyond Missing Incorporated CA 2005-DD-BX-K030 $148,084 Closed
2007 Beyond Mentoring program focus on providing mentoring services for at-risk middle school youth within four targeted counties. OJJDP FY 07 Support for Mentoring Initiatives Solicitation Partnership For A Healthy Scott County, Inc. MS 2007-JU-FX-0002 $664,333 Closed
2020 Bexar County Juvenile Mental Health Reentry Court OJJDP FY 2020 Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program BEXAR COUNTY AUDITOR TX 2020-MO-BX-0011 $622,883 Open
2019 Bexar County Juvenile GRANDE Program OJJDP FY 19 Youth Gang Suppression Implementation Grants Program BEXAR COUNTY AUDITOR TX 2019-PB-BX-0013 $230,000 Past Project Period End Date
2018 Bexar County Juvenile Drug Court Enhancement Project OJJDP FY 18 Drug Treatment Courts Program BEXAR COUNTY AUDITOR TX 2018-DC-BX-0052 $399,970 Open
2018 Bexar County Family Drug Court OJJDP FY 18 Drug Treatment Courts Program BEXAR COUNTY AUDITOR TX 2018-DC-BX-0039 $889,230 Past Project Period End Date
2023 Better Choices: Better Futures OJJDP FY 2023 Opioid Affected Youth Initiative LIFT COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY INC OK 15PJDP-23-GG-02153-JJOP $750,000 Open
2020 Bethel, AK Irniamta Ikayurviat OJJDP FY 2020 Alaska Children's Advocacy Center Expansion Initiative for Child Abuse Victims THE TUNDRA WOMEN'S COALITION AK 2020-CI-FX-K003 $600,000 Open
2004 BET Center: Educational Success for At-Risk Youth FY 2004 OJJDP Congressional Earmark Program Jefferson State Community College AL 2003-JN-FX-0072 $593,686 Closed
2005 Best Friends, Best Men, Diamond Girls and Best Men Leadership Programs FY2005 Continuations - Demonstration Programs Division Best Friends Foundation DC 2005-JK-FX-0104 $250,000 Closed
2007 Best Friends Foundation''s Best Friends, Best Men, Diamond Girl Leadership and Best Men Leadership programs. OJJDP FY 07 National Juvenile Justice Programs Best Friends Foundation DC 2007-JL-FX-0051 $1,124,000 Closed
2022 Bernalillo County Youth Services Center Emergency Preparedness Plan OJJDP FY 2022 Juvenile Justice Emergency Planning Demonstration Program for Juvenile Justice Residential Facilities COUNTY OF BERNALILLO NM 15PJDP-22-GG-03725-EPJX $150,000 Open
2018 Bernalillo County Gang Violence Program OJJDP FY 18 Gang Suppression: A Law Enforcement and Prosecutorial Approach to Address Gang Recruitment of Unaccompanied Alien Children COUNTY OF BERNALILLO NM 2019-MU-FX-K005 $1,200,000 Closed
2009 Berea College Parent Partnership OJJDP FY 09 Strategic Enhancement to Mentoring Programs Berea College KY 2009-JU-FX-0045 $499,997 Closed
2008 Benton/Iowa County After-school Project OJJDP FY 08 Earmarks Programs Four Oaks Family Childrens Services IA 2008-JL-FX-0213 $89,435 Closed
2010 Benton/Iowa County After-school Program OJJDP FY 10 Earmarks Program Four Oaks Family Childrens Services IA 2010-JL-FX-0068 $100,000 Closed
2005 Benton/Franklin Family Dependency Treatment Court OJJDP FY 2005 Family Drug Court Implementation Program Benton-Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Center WA 2005-DC-BX-0049 $450,000 Closed
2023 Belong, Be Strong: Transitional Programming for Youth Leaving Foster Care OJJDP FY 2023 Supporting Vulnerable and At-Risk Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care BOYSVILLE OF MICHIGAN INC MI 15PJDP-23-GG-00991-PROT $498,972 Open
2010 Bellows Free Academy OJJDP FY 10 Earmarks Program Bellows Free Academy Union High School District #48 VT 2010-JL-FX-0616 $500,000 Closed
2009 Believe in Y.O.U.T.H. (Youth Offenders Utilizing Transitional Services for a Healthy Recovery) Mentorship Program OJJDP FY 09 Second Chance Juvenile Mentoring Initiative Cobb County Community Services Board GA 2009-JU-FX-0044 $428,990 Closed
2022 Behavior Change Interventions to Stop School Violence OJJDP FY 2022 Enhancing School Capacity To Address Youth Violence ROCA INC MA 15PJDP-22-GK-03852-STOP $998,969 Open