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Awards: List of Funded Projects

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OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Find details for funding awards from OJJDP below.

Finding Grant Awards

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Awards Listing

Number of Awards: 10,536
Total Amount Awarded: $8,005,700,049

Funded Awards
FY Title Original Solicitation Sort ascending Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2020 National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth: Supporting Effective Interventions for Problematic and Illegal Sexual Behaviors of Children and Adolescents The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center OK 2019-MC-FX-K022 $500,000 Open
2020 Addressing the Training Needs of Juvenile Prosecutors National District Attorneys Association VA 2019-MU-MU-K002 $1,200,000 Open
2020 Center for Coordinated Assistance to States American Institutes for Research DC 2019-MU-MU-K039 $2,000,000 Open
2020 The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - USSS IAA NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN, THE VA 2020-MC-FX-K031 $6,000,000 Past Project Period End Date
2020 OJJDP FY 2020 Training and Technical Assistance Invited Applicants to support the Performance-based Standards for Juvenile Programs Initiative PBS LEARNING INSTITUTE, INC. MA 2020-MU-MU-K021 $1,500,000 Open
2020 MD FY20 PREA Grant EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND MD 2020-ZF-FX-0018 $22,885 Past Project Period End Date
2020 CA FY20 PREA Grant STATE AND COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS, BOARD OF CA 2020-ZF-FX-0019 $82,612 Past Project Period End Date
2020 OR FY20 PREA Grant OREGON DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OR 2020-ZF-FX-0021 $18,184 Closed
2020 WI FY20 PREA Grant JUSTICE, WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF WI 2020-ZF-FX-0022 $12,506 Closed
2020 KY FY20 PREA Grant JUVENILE JUSTICE, KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF KY 2020-ZF-FX-0024 $27,109 Past Project Period End Date
2020 LA FY20 PREA Grant LOUISIANA, STATE OF LA 2020-ZF-FX-0026 $10,868 Past Project Period End Date
2020 WA FY20 PREA Grant DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND FAMILIES 2020-ZF-FX-0027 $12,602 Past Project Period End Date
2020 NC FY20 PREA Grant NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY NC 2020-ZF-FX-0028 $21,810 Past Project Period End Date
2020 GU FY20 PREA Grant DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH AFFAIRS GU 2020-ZF-FX-0029 $2,844 Past Project Period End Date
2020 IN FY20 PREA Grant JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF INDIANA IN 2020-ZF-FX-0023 $15,157 Past Project Period End Date
2020 SC FY20 PREA Grant PUBLIC SAFETY, SOUTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF SC 2020-ZF-FX-0038 $31,191 Past Project Period End Date
2002 Drug Free Communities Support Program MUSLIM PHYSICIANS SOCIETY OF PA 2002-JN-FX-0067 $99,918 Open
2000 Yakima County Substance Abuse Coalition Prevetion Expansion Project YAKIMA COUNTY SUBS ABUSE COALITION WA 2000-JN-FX-0090 $74,865 Open
2021 Fairbanks Native Association Tribal Youth Case Management Continuation Project FAIRBANKS NATIVE ASSOCIATION AK 2020-TY-FX-0001 $416,030 Open
2021 Ohio ICAC Task Force Program CUYAHOGA, COUNTY OF OH 2020-MC-FX-K005 $612,392 Open
2021 Hawaii Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program ATTORNEY GENERAL, HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF THE HI 2020-MC-FX-K017 $314,533 Open
2021 Louisiana ICAC Task Force Program JUSTICE, LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF LA 2020-MC-FX-K034 $379,440 Open
2021 Training and Technical Assistance Support for Alaska CACs ALASKA CHILDREN'S ALLIANCE, THE AK 2020-CI-FX-K002 $500,000 Open
2021 NCA American Indian and Alaska Native Subgrant Program NATIONAL CHILDRENS ALLIANCE INC DC 2020-CI-FX-K037 $7,250,000 Open