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Awards: List of Funded Projects

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OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Find details for funding awards from OJJDP below.

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Awards Listing

Number of Awards: 10,262
Total Amount Awarded: $7,687,015,614

Funded Awards
FY Title Original Solicitation Sort ascending Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2022 Central Florida ICAC Task Force Program OSCEOLA, COUNTY OF FL 15PJDP-21-GK-03816-MECP $500,708 Open
2022 Kentucky Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program STATE POLICE, KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF KY 15PJDP-21-GK-03789-MECP $417,821 Open
2022 Colorado ICAC Task Force Program COLORADO SPRINGS CITY GOVERNMENT CO 15PJDP-21-GK-03813-MECP $453,422 Open
2020 Wyoming Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program ATTORNEY GENERAL OF WYOMING WY 2020-MC-FX-K019 $619,366 Open
2022 Tribal Youth Resource Center TRIBAL LAW AND POLICY INSTITUTE CA 15PJDP-21-GK-04048-MUMU $2,239,260 Open
2022 Tribal Youth Fellowship Project: Empowering Tribal Youth Leadership FUND FOR THE CITY OF NEW YORK NY 15PJDP-21-GK-04049-TRIB $500,000 Open
2022 South Bronx Youth Opportunity Initiative FUND FOR THE CITY OF NEW YORK NY 15PJDP-21-GK-03867-CBVP $997,351 Open
2020 Ohio ICAC Task Force Program CUYAHOGA, COUNTY OF OH 2020-MC-FX-K005 $1,294,965 Open
2020 Hawaii Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program ATTORNEY GENERAL, HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF THE HI 2020-MC-FX-K017 $660,717 Open
2020 Missouri ICAC Task Force Program SAINT CHARLES, COUNTY OF MO 2020-MC-FX-K016 $1,016,289 Open
2020 Nebraska ICAC Task Force Program STATE PATROL, NEBRASKA NE 2020-MC-FX-K022 $682,213 Open
2022 Substance Use Mentoring Program YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECT LA 15PJDP-21-GG-03619-JJOP $543,974 Open
2022 BPHC Opioid Affected Youth Initiative BOSTON PUBLIC HEALTH COMMISSION MA 15PJDP-21-GG-03621-JJOP $702,863 Open
2021 OJJDP Invited to Apply – OJJDP Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Title II Supplemental (NY, WA andGuam) NYS DIVISION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SERVICES NY 15PJDP-21-GG-04353-TITL $2,639,151 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2022 WA Juvenile Justice System Improvement Initiatives DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND FAMILIES WA 15PJDP-21-GG-04354-TITL $186,465 Open
2022 Family-Based Justice Center NEW YORK UNIVERSITY NY 15PJDP-21-GK-04479-FAMI $750,000 Open
2022 STEP UP Texas: Improving Juvenile Justice Outcomes with Trauma-Informed and Restorative Practices Training UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN TX 15PJDP-21-GK-04689-MUMU $6,912,431 Open
2022 Douglas County NE OJJDP Nonparticipating State (Nebraska) Program DOUGLAS COUNTY NEBRASKA NE 15PJDP-21-GK-04691-MUMU $981,034 Open
2022 The Department of Youth Affairs plans on continuing prevention efforts, training, and 4-core compliance to improve Guam's juvenile justice system. DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH AFFAIRS GU 15PJDP-21-GG-04355-TITL $15,000 Open
2022 Lehigh County OCYS LEHIGH, COUNTY OF PA 15PJDP-21-GG-04478-FAMI $750,000 Open
2022 “Restoring Connecticut Youth In and Out of the Juvenile Justice System UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN, INCORPORATED CT 15PJDP-21-GK-04690-MUMU $1,046,560 Open
2020 Nevada ICAC Task Force Program LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT NV 2020-MC-FX-K011 $765,232 Open
2020 Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program PUBLIC SAFETY, IOWA DEPARTMENT OF IA 2020-MC-FX-K024 $956,779 Open
2020 New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY, NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF NJ 2020-MC-FX-K027 $1,091,509 Open
2020 Indiana ICAC Task Force Program POLICE, INDIANA STATE IN 2020-MC-FX-K008 $974,960 Open