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Awards: List of Funded Projects

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OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Find details for funding awards from OJJDP below.

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State: CO,
District: 1

Number of Awards: 52
Total Amount Awarded: $24,907,651

Funded Awards
FY Title Sort descending Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2005 A Comprehensive Study of Bullying, Truancy and Delinquency FY2005 Continuations - Demonstration Programs Division The Colorado Foundation For Families And Children CO 2005-AH-FX-K005 $1,000,000 Closed
2002 A plan for Colorado's underage drinking block grant whcih creates a partnership with local lawenforcement agencies to discourage retail purchases of alcoholic beverages by underage drinkers. FY 2002 OJJDP Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws Block Grant Program Colorado Department of Transportation CO 2002-AH-FX-0036 $360,000 Closed
2015 Access to Juvenile Justice: The Rural and Tribal Southwest will Conduct Assessments, Training, and Develop Policy and Practice Recommendations for State and Tribal Juvenile Defenders. OJJDP FY 15 Smart on Juvenile Justice: Enhancing Youth Access to Justice Initiative Colorado Juvenile Defender Center CO 2015-ZE-BX-K001 $451,838 Closed
2013 At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring OJJDP FY 13 Community-Based Violence Prevention FIRE Program Denver Health and Hospital Authority CO 2013-MU-FX-0002 $491,811 Closed
2009 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado's mentoring partnership to serve at-risk students in Aurora, Colorado. OJJDP FY 09 Recovery Act Local Youth Mentoring Initiative Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Inc. CO 2009-SC-B9-0026 $500,000 Closed
2015 Characteristics and Predictors of Juvenile Diversion Program Success for Girls: A Focus on the Latina First-Time Offender OJJDP FY 15 Studies Program on At-Risk or System-Involved Girls OMNI Institute CO 2015-MU-FX-0003 $48,258 Closed
2022 City of Denver Youth Crisis Response Team Initiative OJJDP FY 2022 Invited to Apply — Byrne Discretionary Community Project Funding/Byrne Discretionary Grants Program DENVER, CITY & COUNTY OF CO 15PJDP-22-GG-00545-BRND $384,000 Open
2015 Colorado's Dependency and Neglect System Reform Program (OJJDP/SSRP) Application for Third Year Planning Funding OJJDP FY 15 Juvenile Justice System Improvement Invited Applications Colorado Judicial Department CO 2014-DC-BX-K002 $317,587 Closed
2004 Community Resources for Adolescents and Families FY 2004 OJJDP Congressional Earmark Program Court House Inc CO 2004-JL-FX-0142 $742,108 Closed
2003 Coordination of Training and Technical Assistance for Safe Start and Safe Kids/Safe Streets. FY 2003 OJJDP Discretionary Continuation Programs - Child Protection National Civic League of Colorado Incorporated CO 2001-MU-MU-K005 $650,000 Closed
2003 Denver Family Integrated Court OJJDP Formula Grants Program Supplement (ABS) Denver Juvenile Court CO 2003-DC-BX-0026 $499,627 Closed
2020 Denver FIRST Juvenile Justice Project OJJDP FY 2020 Reducing Risk for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System COLORADO SEMINARY CO 2020-MU-FX-0004 $425,000 Open
2011 Denver Regional Human Trafficking/CSEC Investigative Task Force OJJDP FY 11 Law Enforcement Strategies for Protecting Children from Commercial Sexual Exploitation City and County of Denver; Denver Police Department CO 2011-MC-CX-K030 $290,492 Closed
2009 Denver Safe from the Start Demonstration Project OJJDP FY 09 Promoting Child and Youth Safety: Community Initiatives and Public Awareness Denver Children's Advocacy Center CO 2009-MC-CX-K067 $290,000 Closed
2011 Denver Safe Start Project OJJDP FY 11 Child Protection Programs Grants Colorado Judicial Department CO 2010-JW-FX-K012 $249,373 Closed
2010 Denver Safe Start Project OJJDP FY 10 Safe Start Promising Approaches Project Colorado Judicial Department CO 2010-JW-FX-K012 $248,088 Closed
2013 Denver Safe Start Project OJJDP FY 13 Invited Research Awards Colorado Judicial Department CO 2010-JW-FX-K012 $249,988 Closed
2012 Denver Safe Start Project OJJDP FY 12 Research Continuation Colorado Judicial Department CO 2010-JW-FX-K012 $249,516 Closed
2013 Denver Second Chance Offender Reentry (SCORE) Project OJJDP FY 13 Second Chance Act Reentry Program for Juveniles with Co-Occurring Substance Colorado Judicial Department CO 2013-MU-BX-0016 $599,498 Closed
2009 Denver Youth Development Court OJJDP FY 09 Juvenile Drug Courts Program Colorado Judicial Department CO 2009-DC-BX-0093 $424,835 Closed
2013 Denver Youth Development Court OJJDP FY 13 Juvenile Justice System Improvement Division Invited Awards Colorado Judicial Department CO 2009-DC-BX-0093 $11,982 Closed
2018 Family Integrated Treatment Court Program OJJDP FY 18 Drug Treatment Courts Program JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF COLORADO CO 2018-DC-BX-0040 $861,290 Open
2010 Friends First STARS Mentoring Program Multi-State Initiative OJJDP FY 10 Multi-State Mentoring Initiative FRIENDS FIRST, Inc. CO 2010-JU-FX-0011 $2,353,583 Closed
2014 FRIENDS FIRST STARS Peer Mentoring Network MultiState OJJDP FY 14 Multi-State Mentoring Initiative: Category 2: Group Mentoring FRIENDS FIRST, Inc. CO 2014-JU-FX-0011 $1,000,000 Closed
1999 FY 2003 Drug-Free Communities Support Program Application for Continuation Funding OJJDP Discretionary Continuation Programs - Demonstration Adolescent Counseling Exchange CO 1999-JN-FX-0116 $74,370 Closed