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Submit Input on OJJDP’s Administrator Priorities


The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) invites you to share your input on how to implement OJJDP’s current priority areas

The priorities reflect OJJDP’s guiding philosophy: to enhance the welfare of America’s youth and broaden their opportunities for a better future. To bring these goals to fruition, OJJDP leads efforts to transform the juvenile justice system into one that—

  1. Takes adolescent brain development research into account and treats children as children, not as adults.
  2. Recognizes that most young people are better served in their own communities and that outcomes are improved when families are involved in youth’s treatment.
  3. Opens up opportunities for system-involved youth so they have the same opportunities as youth who have not had contact with the juvenile justice system.

OJJDP will use this feedback to support our mission.

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Date Created: June 9, 2022