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Youth Justice Action Month Virtual Dinner

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Youth Justice Action Month
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The Youth Justice Action Month (YJAM) Virtual Dinner will be an evening of meaningful and actionable conversations amongst athletes, youth justice leaders and Momentum Ambassadors from the Café Momentum program. The dinner will allow young people to inform prominent change-makers in juvenile justice as to what justice means to them while also shining a light on YJAM and identify the ways in which we can all provide opportunity and make impactful change to support our country’s most marginalized youth.

Athletes & Participants:

  • Host: Trimaine Davis, Players Coalition Education Expert Alliance
  • Soul Cole, NFL Legend, New Orleans Saints and Wellness Consultant
  • Paige Nielsen, NWSL Professional Soccer Player, Angel City FC
  • Tim Patrick, NFL Player, Denver Broncos
  • Young Justice Leaders, National Juvenile Justice Network
  • Emerging Leaders, Coalition of Juvenile Justice
  • Momentum Ambassadors, Momentum Advisory Collective


Date Created: October 13, 2022