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Tribal Youth Truancy Prevention Learning Series: Developing Truancy Codes

Event Dates

This online learning event will provide information regarding best practices relative to laws and policies specific to the issue of truancy to minimize truancy as a risk factor for Tribal youth. 
Session Facilitators: 

  • Anna Clough, Assistant Director, Tribal Youth Resource Center, Tribal Law and Policy Institute 
  • Ashley Trautman, Juvenile Justice Technical Assistance Specialist, National Native Children's Trauma Center 
  • Alan Rabideau, Youth and Family Engagement Specialist, National Native Children's Trauma Center 

Truancy Prevention is not a new endeavor in Indian Country. Many communities are working to address truancy and chronic absenteeism among Tribal youth. 

Engagement with local and community partners is essential to supporting youth as they navigate the education system. As well, diversion programs that can provide supportive environments for youth to succeed are more important than ever. 

In this learning series we will discuss truancy prevention, chronic absenteeism, and the short and long-term impact of the same on Tribal youth. 
Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will survey examples of truancy code and learn how trauma informed practice can inform truancy codes.
  • Participants will engage in discussion related to a Tribal code self-assessment, a free tool to assist communities who wish to evaluate current Tribal code language and policies to develop and/or enhance truancy codes. 
  • Participants will engage in discussion with specific consideration of opportunities for how trauma informed practices contribute to the prevention and reduction of truancy. 

Date Created: January 31, 2020