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School Resource Officer Training Conference

Event Dates

Conference topics will include:

  • Active shooter and threats
  • Intro to behavioral intervention teams
  • Alcohol and substance abuse trends among youth
  • Trauma response
  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Innovative and successful programs
  • Relevant case studies and lessons learned
  • Child exploitation and juvenile sex trafficking
  • Crisis communications for schools and SRO's
  • Officer safety and wellness

What's In It For You Upon completion of this conference, you will be able to:

  • Identify effective strategies to reduce the potential for crime and violence in schools
  • Examine best practices and lessons learned in response to critical incidents
  • Explore relevant case studies related to school safety and security
  • Describe current trends and risks related to social media and technology, alcohol and substance abuse, and gangs

Date Created: December 6, 2019