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Responding to an Unexplained Child Death

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Learn about the roles of law enforcement, first responders, investigators, and child protective services when investigating the death of a child. Receive an overview of the important investigative tips and information related to the causes of death, and the duties and investigative needs of the medical examiner/coroner.

Upon completion of this training you will be able to:

  • Define various causes of deaths
  • Describe pediatric development as it relates to identification of possible cause of death
  • Describe medical examiner expectations of investigators in the child death cases
  • Define the roles of law enforcement and child protective services in child death investigations
  • Describe legal requirements for investigators of child death investigations

Is This Training For You?

  • Law Enforcement
  • Prosecutors
  • Social Workers
  • Tribes/Tribal Partners
  • Victim Service Providers

Date Created: October 31, 2023