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Recovery-Oriented Justice Initiatives (ROJI): A Paradigm Shift in Addressing Adolescent Substance Use Issues

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There have been significant advances in the field of research around adolescent substance use and the developing adolescent brain science. Some of the major findings of this research are that substance use disorders are preventable conditions that often have their onset in adolescence and often have a chronic course.

The studies also reveal that the earlier people try alcohol or drugs, the more likely they are to develop a substance use disorder.

The recognition of the distinctions between adolescents and adults, combined with advances in research, have created a new paradigm in how juvenile court practitioners can best handle these cases. 

This webinar will provide an overview of "Recovery Oriented Justice Initiatives" and the opportunities that exist across the entire JJ system to address the problems and serve as a turning point for youth.

Note: This event will be recorded and may be posted to OJJDP's Multimedia webpage and OJJDP's YouTube channel. Attendee names and affiliations will not be displayed if posted.

Date Created: August 13, 2021