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Preserving Bonds: The Impacts of Parental Incarceration and the Role of Family-Furlough Programs

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Event Dates

Every October is See Us, Support Us (SUSU) month, to raise awareness and build a community for children of incarcerated parents. This year, SUSU focuses on children whose parents are returning to the community after incarceration. The Family-Based Justice Center will host a webinar on how state departments of corrections can implement family-furlough policies and programs for incarcerated mothers and fathers to promote temporary release. Amanda Woolford, Director of Women's Operations at the Maine Department of Corrections, and Jacinta Hunt, a formerly incarcerated mother and beneficiary of Maine's family-furlough program, will speak on policies, implementation, and the impacts that family-furlough programs have on recipients, families, and communities. 


  • Isabel Coronado (moderator)
  • Amanda Woolford (panelist)
  • Jacinta Hunt (panelist) 

Who should attend?  

  • Reentry councils
  • State departments of corrections 
  • Impacted people and family members
  • Policymakers

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Date Created: October 6, 2023