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National Missing Children's Day

2023 Winning Poster

NCMD 2023 Winning Poster - Bringing Our Missing Children Home, Hope
2023 National Missing Children's Day winning poster by Ayoub A., 10, of New York, NY (View larger image.)
40th Annual National Missing Children's Day Ceremony - 2023 Poster Contest Winner

Artwork was submitted by fifth graders from schools and organizations located around the country for the 40th annual National Missing Children's Day poster contest. Participating students created posters using the theme "Bringing Our Missing Children Home."

Ayoub A., 10, New York, NY, is the winner for the 2023 National Missing Children's Day poster contest.

"It's amazing how Ayoub was able to capture so much depth and emotion through his artistic ability," said Liz Ryan, OJJDP Administrator. "He conveyed the spirit of optimism that we need to see us through this difficult work."

Ayoub A. described his picture and how it encompasses the theme of bringing missing children home. This winning poster is the inspiration for the National Missing Children's Day poster and artwork for the following year. 

"Hope is the theme I chose for my picture. The drawing shows two hands with the word hope. On the right hand you have victims families and on the left you have rescue teams. Both are walking towards hope searching for their children. With hope, it allowed them to never give up and are getting closer to finding them. On the bottom, it represents the children who have hope, which has motivated them to get back to their families. The bird between the hands is a symbol of hope. A sign and comfort to the families to keep going." 

—Ayoub A.

Date Created: May 24, 2023