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Missing Child Investigations in Indian Country

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During this training, you will learn best practices for responding to a missing or abducted child report with the goal of enhancing the probability of a quick recovery and laying the groundwork to support an extended investigation. You will also learn strategies, procedures and nationally recognized best practices in executing the initial response to a report of a missing or abducted child, investigative case management, performing an area search, roadblock canvass and neighborhood investigation, expanding a missing child investigation, and providing culturally appropriate victim support services.

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the AMBER Alert program and how it can be used to support your investigation
  • Effectively plan and respond to a missing or abducted child in a tribal community
  • Demonstrate the requisite skills to investigate and manage a complex missing or abducted child investigation
  • Identify and introduce victim support services and resources in support of your investigation

The deadline to register is October 25, 2021. 

Date Created: October 22, 2021