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Medical Symposium on Human Trafficking

Event Dates
VCU School of Medicine

1201 E Marshall Street, 5th FL
Richmond, VA

The symposium will address the serious knowledge gap of medical staff not recognizing victims who access medical care while they're being trafficked due to a lack of provider awareness and training. 

The event seeks to educate health care providers on recognition and response so that survivors have the chance and choice to access freedom, safety and restoration.

The symposium will include the lecture series "Understand Human Trafficking as a Public Health Issue". Registration is required.

The presentations include:

  • Introduction to Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking in the Media: Debunking the Myths 
  • The Power of Framing Human Trafficking as a Public Health Issue
  • Curricular Development: Sex Trafficking, Trauma-Informed Care, and Adverse Childhood Experiences 


Date Created: December 10, 2019