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Juvenile Justice Reforms in Kentucky: Evaluation Findings and Lessons Learned

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This webinar will discuss key findings from the implementation and outcome evaluations of Kentucky's juvenile justice system reform efforts made possible through Senate Bill (SB) 200. The SB 200 legislation seeks to improve systems and youth outcomes by:

  • Expanding access to timely, quality treatment and supervision in the community
  • Focusing the most intensive resources on serious offenders
  • Enhancing data collection and oversight mechanisms to ensure the policies are working

At the core of these reforms are enhanced procedures for including more youth in the pre-court diversion program and for reducing youth out-of-home placements and commitments.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The successes and barriers to implementation of SB 200,
  • Assessment of community-based services for justice-involved youth,
  • The effects of SB 200 youth outcomes and racial and ethnic disparities, and
  • Lessons learned and continued efforts in Kentucky to improve and sustain changes in policies and practices

This project was supported by a grant funded by OJJDP and managed by the National Institute of Justice. 

Date Created: September 22, 2020