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Improving Outcomes for Youth through Community-Based Interventions and Interagency Collaborations

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Event Dates
Chicago, IL

University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy - Keller Center
1307 E 60th St., Forum Room
Chicago, IL

This training event is part of the National District Attorneys Association's 2023 Midwest Region's Juvenile Justice Training for Prosecutors, Law Enforcement and Community Organizations. 

Training topics will include:

  • Prevention and Intervention Programs
  • Trial Preparation for Equitable Outcomes
  • Community Engagement Strategies to Build Relations Between Youth and Law Enforcement
  • Risk Assessment Instruments
  • Assisting Victims of Violent Crime
  • Introducing Social Media as Evidence
  • Thompson Identification Procedures and Hearings
  • Gun Violence Prevention and Intervention Panel
  • Dual Status Initiatives 

Registration is limited.

Date Created: July 14, 2023