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"Imma put the lil homies on next": Mentoring, Mixtapes, and Hip-Hop-Informed Approaches to Collecting Data

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In recent years, many studies have attempted to explore the experiences of historically marginalized populations within higher education; especially Black men. While most studies expand the discourse about the Black male experience in higher education, few incorporate arts-based methodologies that uniquely speak to the cultural sensibilities of Black men.

This study remixes traditional qualitative methodologies through an arts-informed, hip-hop pedagogical perspective by inviting participants to write and record original music in responding to a prompt related to the original research question.

Together, this curated collection of songs formed a mixtape, which will be made available across multiple streaming platforms, and introduces the counternarratives of Black male collegians. The resulting mixtape offers practical implications for revolutionizing the way educators' mentor, serve, and connect with students by centering cultural knowledge as means of collecting data that characterizes the nuance of marginalized students’ experiences within (and beyond) the context of school.

In this presentation, national leaders from the youth-supporting sector will learn new strategies and approaches to developing innovative, culturally responsive mentoring, meaning-making, and data collection within various youth-serving institutions.

Date Created: November 15, 2021