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Honoring Trauma: Serving Returning Youth with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Second Chance Month 2022
Event Dates

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice's Second Chance Act-funded project, Decreasing Recidivism among Juveniles with Brain Injury Re-Entering the Community using Resource Facilitation, creates and evaluates a traumatic brain injury continuum of services for youth reentering the community from residential placement.

Moderated by the American Institute for Research's Cassy Blakely, presenters include:

  • Michael Baglivio, Ph.D., Youth Opportunity Investments
  • Drew Nagele, Psy.D., Youth Opportunity Foundation
  • Lance Trexler, Ph.D., Youth Opportunity Foundation
  • Denny Armington, PI, Youth Opportunity Foundation

Date Created: March 17, 2022