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Effectively Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice: Strategies for Non-Clinical Supervisors

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This webinar is targeted to supervisors and executive directors of CACs who are responsible for managing their agency's mental health services but who may not themselves be clinicians. Led by Kelly Wilson, LCSW, this webinar will focus on how non-clinical supervisors can effectively monitor the work and effectiveness of their clinicians and their adherence and commitment to fidelity when implementing an evidence-based practice. Kelly will also discuss how CAC leadership's full commitment to fidelity underpins the successful delivery and impact of mental health services. 

  1. Participants will be able to define what fidelity is regarding the implementation of an evidence-based treatment model.
  2. Participants will identify 3 major components of administrative support needed for the implementation of evidence-based treatment models.
  3. Participants will recognize the importance of monitoring fidelity to combat clinical drift, the tendency for clinicians to return to treatment as usual.

Date Created: November 17, 2021