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Connections to Behavioral Health and Support Services through Reentry

Second Chance Month 2022
Event Dates

During the reentry process, people work across various sectors to offer support to people who are being released from incarceration by providing connections to care for behavioral health, housing, transportation, and other supportive services. While there are challenges providing connections to care, there are also some success stories that Second Chance Act grantees can offer insight on. This webinar will feature two grantees who have utilized innovative ways to provide post-release connections to care for people who are returning to various communities.

Speakers include:

  • Cindy Schwartz, Project Director, Eleventh Judicial Circuit (FL) Criminal Mental Health Project
  • Victoria Daggan, Camden County Jail Reentry Coordinator, Camden County (NJ) Department of Corrections
  • Lorraine Washington, Manager of Grants, Shelby County (TN) Division of Corrections
  • Natasha Means, SYNC Program Coordinator, Shelby County (TN) Division of Corrections
  • Alison Farringer, Senior Policy Analyst, CSG Justice Center

Date Created: March 8, 2022