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Compliance Is Not Enough: Empowering Youth to Grow Out of Offending

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This webinar presents the dynamic new Growth Focused Case Management (GFCM) and supervision approach that empowers youth to form a positive identity and progress beyond mere cessation of delinquent activity.

The webinar session will feature the author of the innovative GFCM approach and the four practices for supporting formation of a positive identity. Practical examples of how the GFCM can complement risk-needs responsivity (RNR) instruments will be presented and include a focus on positively including the youth in case planning.

The early findings, implementation challenges, and successes from the Milwaukee County Division of Youth and Family Services will be featured. Additionally, initial reactions from leadership personnel within Dennis M. Mondoro Probation and Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Project sites on the practicality of the GFCM and its compatibility with RNR approaches will be discussed.

Date Created: April 1, 2021