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Child Sex Trafficking for First Responders

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Event Dates
Beaumont, TX

Lamar Institute of Technology - Cecil Beeson Building
805 E Lavaca Street #146
Beaumont, TX

This training is designed for First Responders who are most likely to be the first system members to encounter child sex trafficking victims. Recognize how to secure vital evidence which may only be available during your initial contact with the victim. Practice group exercises and develop contact and response plans to common scenarios you may encounter.

Upon completion of this training, you will develop capabilities to:

  • Comprehend the prevalence and hidden nature of child sex trafficking (CST)
  • Recognize common identifiers of CST victims and common scenarios in which you may encounter them
  • Apply victim-centered practices specific to CST victim vulnerabilities during victim contacts
  • Identify vital evidence you may encounter
  • Be prepared for realistic contact scenarios which are specific to your discipline

The deadline to register is February 20, 2024.

Date Created: October 31, 2023