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Affecting Change in Tribal Juvenile Justice Systems by Decolonizing Mental Health Services and Integrating Indigenous Ways of Being

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In this webinar, OJJDP Tribal Youth Program and Juvenile Healing to Wellness Courts grantees and other Tribal communities will learn how to assess the mental health needs of Tribal youth in their communities and to build the capacity to respond to these needs. The session will also cover strategies that support the expansion of internal and external partnerships to improve mental health services for Tribal youth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will gain an increased understanding of the current lack of mental health services and integration of such services in Tribal communities. Additionally, they'll learn how this service gap can have a negative impact and can contribute to justice-involved Native youth. 
  • Participants will gain an increased understanding of the importance of developing culturally responsive approaches and integrating comprehensive mental health services into Tribal youth programs. They'll also learn how taking these steps to develop such programs can increase the self-efficacy, academic success, and improved social and emotional outcomes for Native youth. 

Session Facilitator: 
Jordan Gibson, Consultant, Tribal Youth Resource Center

Date Created: August 23, 2022