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39th Annual Virtual Protecting Our Children National American Indian Virtual Conference

Event Dates

The goals of this conference are to—

  • highlight successful strategies for developing effective services,
  • reveal the latest and most innovative child welfare and children’s mental health service delivery practices,
  • highlight tactics and strategies for financing and sustaining services that impact children,
  • showcase strategies for involving youth and families in developing services and policies that lead to systems change,
  • create peer-to-peer networks that will assist each other in the work toward permanency for all American Indian and Alaska Native families, and
  • share the latest research on the well-being of American Indian and Alaska Native children and effective child welfare and children’s mental health services, practices, and policies.

Participants include professionals, elders, students, youth, and others who are equally committed to tribal child welfare, advocacy for Native children, and protecting the well-being of Native families across the United States and Canada.

Date Created: January 4, 2021