November | December 2018

Facts in Focus: OJJDP’s Reentry Guide for Youth

Facts in Focus is a new OJJDP video series that highlights key juvenile justice developments and issues. In this first video, Dr. Sanzanna Dean, OJJDP Deputy Associate Administrator, discusses the agency’s toolkit Reentry Starts Here: A Guide for Youth in Long-Term Juvenile Corrections and Treatment Programs.

Every year, tens of thousands of youth return to their communities from residential placement, too often with no reentry plan. The resources provided in this guide speak to common barriers that youth may experience upon reentry. The guide includes specific actions youth can take to address those barriers with the help of a caring adult.

The guide is divided into two sections. Part one outlines steps youth can take to plan for reentry while they are in placement (e.g., build a reentry team, develop a plan with the team, get help from a supportive adult such as a parent or mentor, connect with support services, and plan ahead for school and work). Part two outlines steps youth can take to be successful upon return to their communities (e.g., use all available social and medical services, follow all probation order/parole agreement requirements and conditions, complete school, obtain employment, and manage money).

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the field on this guide,” said Dr. Dean. “It’s the first comprehensive guide targeted to youth, to help them navigate the reentry process. The purpose of the guide is to encourage young people to begin thinking and planning for success at the earliest point possible while in placement.”

Watch the video.


OJJDP recently released a Juvenile Reentry Implementation Guide to provide information on implementing a reentry program. The user-friendly I-Guide features 10 steps for implementing a program as well as information on programs that offer comprehensive reentry efforts for youth.