Shay Bilchik, Administrator April 1999

Parents AnonymousSM:
Family Strengthening SeriesStrengthening Families


Organizational Structure

Program Concepts

Participant Profile

The Parents Anonymous Group Model

A Typical Parents Anonymous Meeting

Positive Outcomes for Families

Two Examples of Parents Anonymous Programs

Parents Anonymous and OJJDP: A Vital Partnership


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From the Administrator

Problems arising within the family may lead to problem behaviors with adverse consequences for children and communities. Strengthening families is a fundamental principle of OJJDP's Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders, and this Bulletin provides information about a program that enhances the capability of families to help their children.

Parents Anonymous, Inc., leads a network of affiliated community-based groups that hold weekly meetings led by parents and professionally trained facilitators. This Bulletin describes how the organization works to strengthen families by promoting parent leadership, mutual support, shared leadership, and personal growth. Programs that support positive development are also offered for children.

The Bulletin tells the story of the creation of Parents AnonymousSM by a concerned mother and her social worker, summarizes its structure, and describes key program components. A typical weekly meeting is detailed and examples of Parents AnonymousSM programs are provided.

OJJDP has been partnering with Parents Anonymous, Inc., since 1994 to promote shared leadership and mutual support in ethnically and culturally diverse settings across the Nation. After reading this Bulletin, you will also appreciate their contribution to those worthy goals.

Shay Bilchik


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