clear Appendix D: Candidate Programs Identified for the Inventory

Program Name, by Type of Program City State

U.S. Attorney's Office Initiatives
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- District of Arizona Phoenix AZ
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- District of Delaware Wilmington DE
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- Northern District of Georgia Atlanta GA
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- District of Kansas Wichita KS
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- Eastern District of Louisiana New Orleans LA
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- Middle District of Louisiana Baton Rouge LA
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- District of Maryland Baltimore MD
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- Western District of New York Buffalo NY
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- District of Oregon Portland OR
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- District of Vermont Burlington VT
U.S. Attorney's Office Initiative -- Eastern District of Virginia Alexandria VA
Memphis U.S. Attorney's Anti-Violence Crime Task Force Memphis TN

OJJDP Partnerships to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence
Baton Rouge Partnership for the Prevention of Juvenile Gun Violence Baton Rouge LA
East Oakland Partnership to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence Oakland CA
The Syracuse Partnership to Reduce Gun Violence Syracuse NY

National Institute of Justice Research Programs
Reducing Firearms and Injuries: City of Indianapolis Indianapolis IN
Evaluation of the St. Louis Firearms Suppression Project St. Louis MO
High School Youth, Weapons, and Violence (Tulane University) New Orleans LA

Bureau of Justice Assistance Programs
Comprehensive Homicide Initiative Richmond CA
Comprehensive Communities Program -- Oakland, CA Oakland CA
Comprehensive Communities Program -- Baltimore, MD Baltimore MD
Comprehensive Communities Program -- Boston, MA Boston MA
Comprehensive Communities Program -- Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth TX
Comprehensive Communities Program -- Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City UT
Firearms Trafficking Program -- New Orleans, LA New Orleans LA
Firearms Trafficking Program -- Chicago, IL Chicago IL
Firearms Trafficking Program -- Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana CA
Firearms Trafficking Program -- Oakland, CA Oakland CA
Firearms Trafficking Program -- New York, NY New York NY
Firearms Trafficking Program -- Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis IN
Firearms Trafficking Program -- Raleigh, NC Raleigh NC
Firearms Trafficking Program -- Richmond, VA Richmond VA
Firearms Trafficking Program -- South Charleston, WV South Charleston WV
IACP/BJA Crime Gun Interdiction Project Alexandria VA

Byrne Grants
Drugfire Computerized Firearms Identification Indianapolis IN
Firearms Interdiction Johnson City TN
Firearms Investigative Task Force Richmond VA
Gun Program Minneapolis MN
Multijurisdictional Task Force Little Rock AR

Weed and Seed Programs
Weed and Seed Program -- Kansas City Kansas City MO
Weed and Seed Program -- Baltimore, MD Baltimore MD
Weed and Seed Program -- Buffalo, NY Buffalo NY
Weed and Seed Program -- Dallas, TX Dallas TX
Weed and Seed Program -- Dyersburg, TN Dyersburg TN
Weed and Seed Program -- Fort Myers, FL Fort Myers FL
Weed and Seed Program -- Gainesville, FL Gainesville FL
Weed and Seed Program -- Miami, FL Miami FL
Weed and Seed Program -- New Britain, CT New Britain CT
Weed and Seed Program -- Oakland, CA Oakland CA
Weed and Seed Program -- Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia PA
Weed and Seed Program -- New York City New York NY

Community Oriented Policing Services Office Programs
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Baltimore Police Department Baltimore MD
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Salinas Police Department Salinas CA
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Seattle Police Department Seattle WA
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Birmingham Police Department Birmingham AL
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Bridgeport (CT) Police Department Bridgeport CT
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Cleveland Police Department Cleveland OH
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Inglewood (CA) Police Department Inglewood CA
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Milwaukee Police Department Milwaukee WI
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- Richmond Police Department Richmond VA
COPS Office Youth Firearms Violence Initiative -- San Antonio Police Department San Antonio TX
COPS Antigang Site -- Boston, MA Roxbury MA
COPS Antigang Site -- Chicago, IL Chicago IL
COPS Antigang Site -- Miami, FL Miami FL
COPS Antigang Site -- Phoenix, AZ Phoenix AZ
COPS Antigang Site -- St. Louis, MO St. Louis MO

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Programs
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- Baltimore, MD Baltimore MD
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- Boston, MA Boston MA
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- Memphis, TN Memphis TN
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee WI
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- New York, NY New York NY
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- Salinas, CA Salinas CA
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- San Antonio, TX San Antonio TX
ATF Youth Crime Interdiction Initiative -- St. Louis, MO St. Louis MO
G.R.E.A.T. Program -- Boston, MA Boston MA
G.R.E.A.T. Program -- Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia PA
Court-Related Programs
Gun Court -- Providence, RI Providence RI
Gun Court -- Birmingham, AL Birmingham AL
New York City Juvenile Weapons Court New York NY
Save Our Streets Washington DC
Project LIFE Indianapolis IN
National Funding Collaborative On Violence Prevention
Crescent City Peace Alliance New Orleans LA
Alternatives to Violence Coalition Minneapolis MN
Circle of Hope Project Washington DC
East Bay Public Safety Corridor Partnership Oakland CA
Fountain for Youth Collaborative New York NY
Neighborhood Violence Prevention Coalition Flint MI
Pro-Youth Coalition of Santa Barbara Santa Barbara CA
Rockford Area Family Violence Prevention Collaborative Rockford IL
Somewhere All Feel Equal (SAFE) Haven Project New Haven CT
San Antonio Violence Prevention Collaborative San Antonio TX
Stop the Violence Collaboration Spartanburg SC
Violence Prevention Collaborative Knoxville TN
Department of Education
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Washington DC
Department of Health and Human Services
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention coalition sites Washington DC

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Little Rock, AR Little Rock AR
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles CA
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Denver, CO Denver CO
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Washington, DC Washington DC
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Atlanta, GA Atlanta GA
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- New Orleans, LA New Orleans LA
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Baltimore, MD Baltimore MD
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Boston, MA Boston MA
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Detroit, MI Detroit MI
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Newark, NJ Newark NJ
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Columbus, OH Columbus OH
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia PA
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Houston, TX Houston TX
Safe Neighborhoods Action Program (SNAP) -- Richmond, VA Richmond VA

Other Local Programs, by State
Mobile Bay Area Partnership for Youth Mobile AL
Society Against Firearm Endangerment Vestavia AL
Block Watch Community Program Birmingham AL
Juvenile Diversion Program Tucson AZ
Arizona Lawyers Committee on Violence Glendale AZ
Handgun Control Activists Glendale AZ
Operation Safe Street Phoenix AZ
Volunteer Assisted Community Organizing Project (VACOP) Little Rock AR
Campaign to Prevent Handgun Violence Against Kids Mill Valley CA
Fresno Youth Violence Prevention Network Fresno CA
PACT Pleasant Hill CA
Violent Injury Prevention Coalition Salinas CA
Weapons Are Removed Now (W.A.R.N.) Reseda CA
Zero Tolerance Program San Diego CA
Alternatives to Gang Membership Paramount CA
Barrios Unidos Santa Cruz CA
The Firearms and Violence Policy Group Berkeley CA
Community Youth Gang Services Los Angeles CA
Contra Costa Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Walnut Creek CA
Jack Berman Advocacy Center San Francisco CA
Los Angeles Teens on Target/Youth Alive! Downey CA
Anti-Violence Campaign Sherman Oaks CA
Drive-By-Agony Lynwood CA
Oakland Police Department Gun Suppression Strategy Oakland CA
Familias Unidas Richmond CA
Los Angeles Police Department Gun Unit Los Angeles CA
Colorado Children's Campaign Denver CO
Project PAVE (Promoting Alternatives to Violence Education) Denver CO
Colorado Information Network for Community Health (CINCH) Denver CO
Child Development-Community Policing (CD­CP) Program New Haven CT
Connecticut Coalition Against Gun Violence Southport CT
Peace Bell Project Southport CT
District of Columbia
Violence Policy Center Washington DC
Operation Save One Washington DC
The MayDay Program Washington DC
Eddie Eagle Elementary Gun Safety Education Program Washington DC
Gun Recovery Unit Washington DC
Hands Without Guns Washington DC
Howard University Violence Prevention Project Washington DC
Straight Talk About Risks (STAR) Washington DC
Us Helping Us Network, Inc. Washington DC
Operation Safe Home Washington DC
Save Our Streets Program Washington DC
Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Inc. Dania FL
Gun Safety Awareness Program Miami FL
Youth Intervention Program Jacksonville FL
SAFE Program (Student and Family Empowerment) Orlando FL
Youth, Firearms, and Violence in Atlanta Atlanta GA
Gang Prevention Through Targeted Outreach Atlanta GA
Georgians Against Gun Violence Marlette GA
Georgians United Against Gun Violence Atlanta GA
Bibb County Department of Education -- Prevention and Intervention Programs Macon GA
ACT Kealakekua HI
Firearms Coalition Kailua HI
Hawaii Firearms Control Coalition Honolulu HI
Youth Peace Chicago IL
Cermak Health Services of Cook County Chicago IL
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Chicago IL
STOP and Firearms Prevention Training Program Elk Grove Village IL
Hands Without Guns at the UHLICH Children's Home Chicago IL
Vehicle Impoundment in the City of Chicago Chicago IL
Mile Square Community Center Chicago IL
Chicago Crime Commission Chicago IL
Chicago Commons Innovative Human Services Program Chicago IL
Gang Violence Reduction Project Chicago IL
Project LIFE Indianapolis IN
Concerned Citizens About Gun Violence Indianapolis IN
GRIEF of Indiana Muncie IN
Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence Cedar Rapids IA
Second Chance School Topeka KS
Kansans for Handgun Control Shawnee Mission KS
Kentucky Chapter for Handgun Control Prospect KY
Louisiana Ceasefire Baton Rouge LA
Maryland's Gun Hot Spots Communities Program Baltimore MD
Juvenile Violence Prevention Initiative Bethesda MD
Youth Trauma Services Team Baltimore MD
Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research Baltimore MD
Build the Missing Peace Cloverly MD
Handgun Violence Reduction Program Towson MD
Shock Mentor Program Cheverly MD
Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse Baltimore MD
The Living Classroom Foundation Baltimore MD
Baltimore County Police Department Gun Squad Baltimore MD
Baltimore City Police Department's Violent Crime Task Force Gun Squad Baltimore MD
Adolescent Wellness Program Boston MA
Barron Assessment and Counseling Center Jamaica Plain MA
Citizens for Safety Boston MA
Firearm Injuries Program Newton MA
Firearms and Violence: Juveniles, Illicit Markets, and Fear Cambridge MA
Words Not Weapons Boston MA
Dorchester Youth Collaborative Dorchester MA
Gang/Drug Prevention Program Mattapan MA
Stop Handgun Violence Newton MA
Boston Safe Futures Program Boston MA
Safety First -- Lowell Lowell MA
Operation Ceasefire -- Boston Boston MA
National Ten-Point Leadership Foundation Boston MA
Streetworker Program Boston MA
Operation Night Light Dorchester MA
The Log School Dorchester MA
Community Academy Boston MA
Community-Based Juvenile Justice Boston MA
Community Policing and the Truancy Patrol Boston MA
Handgun Intervention Program Detroit MI
Pioneers for Peace Detroit MI
Alliance for a Safer, Greater Detroit Detroit MI
Michigan Citizens for Handgun Violence Birmingham MI
Women Against Gun Violence Farmington Hills MI
Citizens for a Safer Minnesota Maplewood MN
Juvenile Program Link Mentor Program Minneapolis MN
Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse St. Paul MN
Initiative for Violence-Free Families and Communities St. Paul MN
The Gun Program Minneapolis MN
Calling the Shots St. Paul MN
St. Paul Police Department's Gun Violence Prevention Coordinator St. Paul MN
Minnesota HEALS Minneapolis MN
Project Complete Kansas City MO
Assault Crisis Teams St. Louis MO
Hazelwood Center High School Student Intervention Program Florissant MO
Ad Hoc Group Against Crime Kansas City MO
Coalition Against Concealed Guns St. Charles MO
ENOUGH Kansas City MO
Missourians Against Handgun Violence Kansas City MO
Ceasefire -- St. Louis St. Louis MO
Jackson County Jail Violence Prevention Program Kansas City MO
Firearms Suppression Program St. Louis MO
Nebraskans for Responsible Gun Ownership Omaha NE
New Jersey
No Guns in Schools Camden NJ
Cooper Hospital Trauma Centers Camden NJ
Injury Prevention and Control Unit Trenton NJ
State Attorney General's Law Enforcement and Educational Task Force Trenton NJ
New Mexico
Firearm Injury Prevention Curriculum Albuquerque NM
Gang Prevention and Intervention Program Albuquerque NM
New York
Project LISA (Locate, Identify, Seize, and Apprehend) New York NY
Keep Our Kids Alive New York NY
New York City Metal Detector Program New York NY
RAVE (Respect Action Value Enterprise) Brooklyn NY
Committee for The Silent March New York NY
Fellowship of Reconciliation Nyack NY
New York Police Strategy No. 1: Getting Guns off of the Streets of New York New York NY
Community Policing -- New York City New York NY
North Carolina
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Chapel Hill NC
Gun Safety Institute Program Cleveland OH
Solutions Without Guns Cleveland OH
Handgun Control Federation of Ohio Cleveland OH
Guns, Teens, and Consequences Tulsa OK
Youth Gang Prevention Network of Allegheny County, PA Pittsburgh PA
Harrisburg EC Mobile Police Center Harrisburg PA
South Carolina
Citizens for a Safer South Carolina Beaufort SC
Police and Community Together Program (PACT) Aiken SC
Charleston Police Department Charleston SC
Weapon Watch Memphis TN
Tennesseeans For Responsible Gun Ownership Clarksville TN
Violence Reduction Project Memphis TN
Philip Moore Outreach Center Knoxville TN
Memphis Police Department Memphis TN
Alternatives to Violence Project/USA Inc. Houston TX
Citizens Crime Commission of Tarrant County Ft. Worth TX
Communities in Schools Program Baytown TX
Se Puede San Juan TX
Houston Area Violence Prevention Houston TX
Madras por la Vida Houston TX
Mayor's Anti-Gang Office and the Gang Task Force Houston TX
Texans Against Gun Violence Austin TX
Texans Against Violence Dallas TX
Texas Crime Prevention Clearinghouse Austin TX
Zero Accidental Killings Houston TX
Tarrant County Progressive Sanctions Fort Worth TX
Tarrant County Advocate Program (T­CAP) Fort Worth TX
Pathways Learning Center Fort Worth TX
Victim Offender Mediation/Dialogue Austin TX
Texas Youth Commission Austin TX
Giddings State School's Capital Offender Group Treatment Program Giddings TX
Southwest Key Program, Inc. Austin TX
San Antonio Police Department San Antonio TX
Firearm Injuries Surveillance Project Salt Lake City UT
Utahns Against Gun Violence Salt Lake City UT
Salt Lake City Police Department Salt Lake City UT
Vermonters Against Violence South Burlington VT
University of Virginia Youth Violence Project Virginia Beach VA
Crime Control in Public Housing Richmond VA
Northern Virginians Against Handgun Violence Fairfax VA
Virginians Against Handgun Violence Norfolk VA
Virginians Against Handgun Violence -- Richmond Chapter Richmond VA
TAG Foundation (Teens Against Guns) Seattle WA
Juvenile Justice Prosecution Unit Seattle WA
Seattle Campaign Against Violence Seattle WA
Mothers Against Violence in America Seattle WA
Seattle Community-Oriented Problem-Solving Police Program Seattle WA
Washington Ceasefire Seattle WA
Safe Storage Campaign Seattle WA
West Virginia
School-Based Initiative on Assaults Charlestown WV
Menominee Law Enforcement Community Organization Project Keshena WI
Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) Milwaukee WI
Milwaukee Police Department Milwaukee WI

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