clear Appendix C: Matrix of Key Participating Agencies and Organizations

A matrix of key participating agencies has been developed to identify the variety of criminal justice, law enforcement, government, social service, and community organizations that are involved in each of the listed gun violence reduction strategy profiles. These agencies and organizations make up the key components of each strategy.

In many instances, the profiled strategies include the participation of researchers from universities or consulting firms. These experts often provide valuable assistance for the collaborating group as they attempt to identify the gun violence problems in their communities. These researchers also help the participants develop measurable goals and data collection mechanisms for assessing program outcomes.

The involvement of the media and newspapers also is a valuable component in several programs. The media can assist in getting the gun violence reduction message out to the public. Local newspapers and broadcast media can target specific high-risk populations and help create a culture of change.

However, the matrix does not include every agency that may be involved in implementing gun violence reduction programs. A variety of public and private agencies are needed to develop effective gun violence reduction strategies. The following matrix is limited to those organizations that have key collaborative roles.

Matrix of Key Participating Agencies and Organizations

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