July | August 2018

Upcoming Events

Child Homicide Investigations: August 27–28, 2018

National Criminal Justice Training Center logoThe OJJDP-sponsored National Criminal Justice Training Center will conduct this training in Irving, TX. Presenters will help participants understand relationship building with forensic pathologists, homicide investigators, and prosecutors to successfully investigate and prosecute child homicide cases. Topics include learning autopsy and forensic protocols, determining cause and manner of death, understanding interviewing and interrogation, developing a suspect pool, and understanding the importance of the prosecutor in gaining appropriate convictions. Registration information is available online.

The training will also be held on October 15–16, in Richfield, OH.  

Leveraging Program Evaluation and Data To Improve Your Services—Part One: September 13, 2018

This two-part webinar hosted by the Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center and sponsored by OJJDP will provide an overview of program evaluation, discuss the various types of evaluation, and cover how to select the best type of evaluation based on specific organizational needs. Registration information is available online.

Part two of the training will be held on September 27, 2018.

Advanced Leadership—Developing an Outward Mindset: September 13–14, 2018

logo of Southern Regional Children’s Advocacy Center

The OJJDP-sponsored Southern Regional Children’s Advocacy Center will host this training in Huntsville, AL. Presenters will explore how to shift to an inward mindset (focusing on oneself and one’s objectives) and the implications that has on one’s own work and that of others, as well as how to leverage a framework that will guide work in an outward mindset (focused on helping others). For additional information on the training, call 256–327–3808 or email Meredith Wilkes at [email protected].

Conducting Unexplained Child Death Investigations: September 17–20, 2018

The National Criminal Justice Training Center will host this training in San Diego, CA. Attendees will learn about the defining causes of and multidisciplinary responses to child death, investigative protocols involving pediatric medical emergencies and child deaths, standard interview and interrogation procedures, and wellness resources available for assistance in dealing with vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. Registration information is available online.

The Trauma Informed Judicial System—Creating Safe Spaces for Tribal Youth: September 19, 2018OJJDP Tribal Youth logo

This webinar, sponsored by OJJDP’s Tribal Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center, is designed for tribal juvenile justice system providers working in court-based settings. Presenters will discuss how to create safe spaces for tribal youth within the trauma-informed judicial system. The webinar will provide a brief overview of the impact of trauma in tribal communities, and discuss the principles of trauma-informed care. The webinar will also present practical strategies and public health responses that tribal community court services may provide to support a trauma-informed environment for tribal youth who are justice involved. Registration information is available online.

Multidisciplinary Team Responses to Child Sex Trafficking: September 24–27, 2018

The National Criminal Justice Training Center will conduct this team-based training in Harrisburg, PA. Presenters will guide existing multidisciplinary teams to improve their response to child sex trafficking and assist those seeking to establish a formal multidisciplinary team in their communities to effectively respond to trafficking cases. Topics include understanding child sex trafficking, the use of technology in trafficking cases, the role of children's advocacy centers in trafficking responses, and effectively implementing action plans. Registration information is available online.

National Symposium on Juvenile Services: October 22–25, 2018

The OJJDP-supported National Partnership for Juvenile Services is hosting this symposium in Greensboro, NC. This event will bring together juvenile and human services leadership and professionals for training and the opportunity to share program approaches being implemented within the juvenile justice system nationwide. OJJDP staff and grantees will present workshops on promising practices and critical juvenile justice issues, such as sexting and cyberbullying. Registration information is available online.