July | August 2018

Administrator Harp Addresses Coalition for Juvenile Justice Annual Conference

The OJJDP-supported Coalition for Juvenile Justice annual conference took place on June 27–30 in Washington, DC. The conference theme was “At the Intersections: How Federal, State, and Local Partners Can Work Together to Improve Juvenile Justice.

On June 29, 2018, Administrator Harp addressed conference attendees. She shared that OJJDP is undergoing a reorganization to improve its support for the states. The compliance monitoring and program work will now reside in the reconstituted State Relations and Assistance division. OJJDP is also simplifying the process for states to apply for Title II Formula Grants program funds. The streamlined process will also allow OJJDP staff additional time to complete risk assessments and enhanced desk audits of states’ monitoring systems annually, provide technical assistance, and problem solve. Additionally, in 2019, OJJDP will implement a new, outcome-based approach to assess states’ efforts to address the disproportionate contact of minority youth with the juvenile justice system.

Administrator Harp also told attendees that the Office will highlight local successes and showcase successful strategies by posting state action plans, data, and outcomes on the OJJDP website annually. Administrator Harp concluded by emphasizing OJJDP’s commitment to building relationships with the states. “We’re your partners. Good partners hold each other accountable,” she said. “We hold you accountable to the core protections and you hold us accountable to the programming and technical assistance that we are authorized and required to provide to help you meet these goals.”


The Coalition for Juvenile Justice is a nationwide coalition of state advisory groups and allies dedicated to preventing children and youth from becoming involved in the courts and upholding the highest standards of care when youth are charged with wrongdoing and enter the justice system.


Additional information about the core requirements of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 2002, and OJJDP efforts surrounding disproportionate minority contact is available on OJJDP’s website.