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March | April 2015

Upcoming Events

National Court Appointed Special Advocates Conference: May 30–June 2, 2015

Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children logoAt this event, sponsored by the National Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Association, more than 1,200 CASA and guardian ad litem staff, board members, volunteers, judges, attorneys, and other child welfare professionals will gather to connect with peers and learn from leaders in the field. The conference will offer workshops and institutes, general sessions, and an exhibit hall featuring information and resources for the field. The conference will take place in New Orleans, LA. More information about the conference is available online.

Forensic Interviewing of Children Training: June 8–12, 2015

Sponsored by the National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC), this comprehensive training teaches NCAC’s Child Forensic Interview Structure, which is designed to gather the greatest amount of reliable information in a child-sensitive, developmentally appropriate, and legally defensible manner. Training methods include lecture and audience discussion, child interview practicum, review of recorded forensic interviews, experiential skill-building exercises, and participation in mock court. The training will take place in Huntsville, AL. Registration information is available online. See other training opportunities on the NCAC website.

Coalition for Juvenile Justice 2015 Annual Conference: June 10–13, 2015

This summit, cohosted by OJJDP and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, will focus on the latest research, developments, and challenges facing the juvenile justice field. Sessions will provide attendees a hands-on opportunity to explore the newest methods for preventing delinquency, ensuring fairness through all stages of involvement with the justice system, and establishing the best possible outcomes for children and families who do become involved with the juvenile justice system. The summit will take place in Washington, DC. Registration information is available online.

11th Global Youth Justice Training Institute: June 16–18, 2015

This training institute, hosted by Global Youth Justice, is primarily designed for adults who are enhancing, expanding, or establishing youth justice diversion programs, often referred to as teen court, peer court, youth court, student court, and youth peer jury. The event, to be held in Cape Cod, MA, includes more than 20 peer-to-peer training sessions and a half-day grant-writing session. Registration information is available online.

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges 78th Annual Conference: July 26–29, 2015

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges logoTo be held in Austin, TX, this conference will feature a range of juvenile and family law topics, including child abuse and neglect, trauma, custody and visitation, judicial leadership, juvenile justice, sex trafficking of minors, family violence, drug courts, psychotropic medications, children testifying in court, detention alternatives, substance abuse, and the adolescent brain. The event is hosted by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Registration information is available online.

10th Annual National School Safety Conference: July 27–31, 2015

To be held in Las Vegas, NV, this conference will offer sessions led by recognized authorities in the fields of school safety, bullying, crisis management, mental health, and more. Individuals who work in school administration, school counseling, school-based policing, and college campus security should plan to attend this event. The conference is sponsored by the School Safety Advocacy Council. Registration information is available online.

18th Annual International Gang Specialist Training Conference: August 10–12, 2015

Sponsored by the National Gang Crime Research Center, this conference provides more than 100 courses in many areas of expertise designed to "train the trainer" in law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, K–12 schools, prevention, and intervention. The conference will be held in Chicago, IL. Registration information is available online.

27th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference: August 10–13, 2015

This event provides practical instruction using current information, new ideas, and successful intervention strategies to those professionals responsible for combating the many and varied forms of crimes against children. The event, sponsored by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, is designed for law enforcement officers, child protection caseworkers, probation/parole officers, children's advocacy center staff, victim advocates, prosecutors, medical professionals, and therapists. Registration information is available online.

20th International Conference and Summit on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma: August 23–26, 2015

To be held in San Diego, CA, this conference will feature tracks on at-risk youth, child maltreatment, children exposed to violence, intimate partner violence, legal and criminal justice issues, sexual assault/victimization, trauma, and more. The event is hosted by the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma at Alliant International University. Registration information is available online.