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Listed below are the topical I-Guides currently available. Each I-Guide focuses on a specific problem related to juvenile justice, delinquency prevention, or child protection and safety. The I-Guides are based on information about programs and practices that have had positive impacts on youth. Each I-Guide also has an accompanying literature review from the MPG and a practice profile from These resources are highlighted throughout the I-Guides.
  • Diversion Programs: Help me implement a diversion program in my jurisdiction. Bullying
  • Juvenile Reentry Programs: How to find guidance for implementing a reentry program.Juvenile Rentry Program
  • School-Based Bullying Prevention: What should I do to implement a program in my school that can prevent or intervene in bullying? Bullying

For related information access a topical list of model programs on OJJDP's Model Programs Guide.

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    These components relate to building a solid foundation before implementing an evidence-based intervention.
    These components assist with putting a program or practice into place.
    These components relate to stabilizing and sustaining the program or practice within the community or jurisdiction.

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1Minimum standards for review: The program must be evaluated with at least one randomized field experiment or a quasi-experimental research design (with a comparison condition); the outcomes assessed must relate to crime, delinquency, or victimization prevention, intervention, or response; the evaluation(s) must be published in a peer-reviewed publication or documented in a comprehensive evaluation report; and the year of publication must be 1980 or after.