November | December 2017

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OJJDP is the only federal agency with a specific mission to develop and disseminate knowledge about what works in the juvenile justice field. One of the ways the Office achieves its mission is by funding a broad array of evidence-based initiatives. In fiscal year 2017, OJJDP awarded nearly $254 million to help at-risk youth, protect children, reduce violence, and improve public safety nationwide. The 296 awards were made through discretionary and formula grant funding. Through grant funding, research and demonstration programs, training and technical assistance, and the dissemination of information resources, OJJDP is working hand-in-hand with its partners to build a better future for America’s youth.

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OJJDP envisions a nation where our children are healthy, educated, and free from crime and violence. If they come into contact with the juvenile justice system, the contact should be both just and beneficial to them.
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In 2014, for the first time since the mid-1970s, juvenile courts in the United States handled fewer than 1 million delinquency cases. Of those nearly 975,000 cases, more than one quarter—269,800—involved females.

—Juvenile Court Statistics, 2014