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March | April 2013

Upcoming Events

Coalition of Juvenile Justice National Conference: May 1–4, 2013

The Coalition of Juvenile Justice will host its national conference on May 1–4, 2013, in Washington, DC. In keeping with the conference theme, “Building Supportive Communities To Prevent Violence and Delinquency,” sessions will focus on fostering collaborative efforts between schools, courts, law enforcement, service providers, and families to prevent or limit youth involvement in the justice system; reduce firearm offenses; dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline; provide evidence-based responses to children exposed to violence; and promote equitable access to services.

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day: May 9, 2013

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, May 9, 2013Every year in early May, communities across the country hold awareness day events to highlight the importance of mental health to a child's development from birth. This year’s National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day will focus on the needs of young adults (ages 16–24) with mental health needs, especially in the areas of education, employment, and housing. It also aims to raise public awareness about how resilient young adults with behavioral health challenges can be with the help of family, friends, and health services providers. During the past year, nearly 30 percent of young adults experienced a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder, and more than 35 percent of people ages 18 to 25 used illicit drugs. National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Missing Children’s Day logo.National Missing Children’s Day Ceremony: May 15, 2013

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will hold its annual National Missing Children's Day ceremony in DOJ's Great Hall. The ceremony honors the heroic and exemplary efforts of agencies, organizations, and individuals to protect children. National Missing Children's Day has been commemorated in the United States since 1983, when it was first proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan.

National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference: June 2–5, 2013

National Children's Alliance will host its annual leadership conference in Washington, DC. The conference aims to provide continuing education, networking opportunities, and exposure to innovative programs and ideas for Children's Advocacy Center leaders. Planned activities include the organization’s annual membership meeting, plenary sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, and an exhibit. Registration information is available online.

Child Abuse and Neglect Institute: June 3–7, 2013

Sponsored National Council of Juvenile  and Family Court Judges logo by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, topics to be covered during this institute include the role of the juvenile court judge; judicial leadership and ethics; federal child welfare legislation; substance abuse and permanency planning; medical issues in child abuse and neglect cases; child development, bonding and attachment, and trauma; the Indian Child Welfare Act; and tribal-state court collaboration. The institute will take place in Reno, NV. Registration information is available online.

Global Youth Justice Training Institute: June 11–13, 2013

This training institute, to be held in Provincetown, MA, is designed to help adult staff and volunteers enhance and expand teen court, youth court, or peer court diversion programs. Training topics will include fundraising, partnerships, social media, service connections and resources, and grant writing. Registration information is available online.

School Resource Officer Training Conference: June 18–20, 2013

National Criminal Justice Training Center logoOrganized by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, this conference will take place in Appleton, WI. Sessions will focus on current trends in addressing school violence through prevention and response strategies. Topics include: Youth Alcohol, Drug Trends, and Concealment; Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Referral; Crisis Response in Native American and Alaska Native Communities; Policing the Teen Brain; Critical Incident Response for School Resource Officers; and Identifying Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children. Registration information is available online.

Basic Forensic Interview Training: June, August, October, and December 2013

During June, August, October, and December, CornerHouse will host 5-day courses in Minneapolis, MN, during which law enforcement and child protection investigators, prosecutors, and forensic interviewers can learn the CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocola developmentally flexible and nontraumatic forensic interview protocol appropriate for child, adolescent, and adult victims of sexual abuse. Training methods include lecture and discussion, review of video-recorded interviews, skill-building exercises, and an interview practicum. Registration information is available online.

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Annual Colloquium: June 25–28, 2013

Sponsored by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, the institutes and workshops offered at the colloquium, which will take place in Las Vegas, NV, will address all aspects of child maltreatment, including prevention, intervention, assessment, treatment, and cultural considerations. Seminars have been designed primarily for professionals in the mental health, medicine and nursing, law, law enforcement, education, prevention, research, advocacy, child protection services, and allied fields. Registration information is available online.

Girl Bullying and Other Forms of Relational Aggression National Conference: June 30–July 2, 2013

Girl Bullying Conference logoHosted by Developmental Resources, this conference will provide attendees with research findings, insights, practical strategies, programs, and resources related to bullying with a focus on relational aggression in girls. Topics include: Transforming Aggressive Young People, Empowering Bystanders to Become Interveners, What Works With Middle Schoolers, and Girls With Disabilities Facing Bullying. The conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV. Registration information is available online.

School Safety Conference: July 14–19, 2013

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) will hold its annual School Safety Conference in Orlando, FL. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in sessions; complete a NASRO training course onsite; view products, technology, and innovations in the exhibit hall; and network with peers. Session topics include: School Safety and the School to Prison Pipeline, Why Teens Kill, Violence and Victimization, Communicated Threats in Schools, and Benefits of Nonconfrontational Interview and Interrogation Techniques With the Millennial Generation. Registration information is available online.

Advanced Forensic Interview Training: July 15–18, 2013; November 19–22, 2013

In July and November, CornerHouse will host 4-day courses in Minneapolis, MN, during which experienced law enforcement officers, prosecutors, child protection and forensic investigators, and tribal social service interviewers who have completed the prerequisites can learn advanced forensic interviewing skills. Registration information is available online.

National Forum on Criminal Justice: August 4–6, 2013

Hosted by the National Criminal Justice Association, the forum will take place in Chicago, IL, and will focus on how to integrate research, policy, and technology to improve public safety. Registration information is available online.