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January | February 2013

New Publications

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Cover of The Northwestern Juvenile  Project: OverviewThe Northwestern Juvenile Project: Overview
Beyond Detention Bulletin
NCJ 234522

This bulletin, the first in OJJDP's Beyond Detention publication series, presents an overview of the Northwestern Juvenile Project, the first large-scale, longitudinal study of drug, alcohol, and psychiatric disorders in a diverse sample of juvenile detainees. The study found that the mental health needs of youth detained in the juvenile justice system are far greater than those in the general population, and that these needs are largely untreated. Among detainees with major psychiatric disorders and functional impairment, only 15 percent had been treated in the detention center before release. Only 8 percent received treatment in the community by the time of case disposition or 6 months after detention.

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Developmental Sequences of Girls' Delinquent Behavior
Girls Study Group Bulletin
NCJ 238276

In 2004, OJJDP convened the Girls Study Group (GSG) to examine the delinquent behavior of girls. At the request of GSG, researchers from two long-term longitudinal studies of delinquency—the Denver Youth Survey and the Fast Track Project—collaborated to establish common delinquency measures, conduct analyses, and integrate findings on developmental patterns of girls' offending from childhood through adolescence. Among other major findings, this bulletin reports that girls engaged in a wide range of offending behaviors, most girls who were involved in delinquency did not offend frequently, and many girls involved in other delinquent behaviors also used alcohol and/or drugs.