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Updated Resource on Restitution and Community Service Programs

OJJDP announces the availability of the second edition of the RESTTA National Directory of Restitution and Community Service Programs.

Ten years have passed since the Restitution Education, Specialized Training, and Technical Assistance (RESTTA) Project first published the RESTTA Directory. This second edition not only provides recent information on restitution and community service programs for juvenile offenders but also, through OJJDP's new online update feature, constitutes the most current resource for program information. The core of the RESTTA Directory is information on more than 500 programs across the country, including the program name, contact information, and a description of program services. These program descriptions are current through 1996. The RESTTA Directory also provides baseline data from a national survey begun in 1991 on the development, organization, and operation of such programs.

The RESTTA Directory is available from the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse (JJC) online in a searchable format. The hardcopy of more than 500 pages may be ordered for $33.50 ($37 if shipped outside the United States).

Search the RESTTA Directory online from the Publications section of OJJDP's Web site. To keep the RESTTA Directory current, there is also a feature that allows program officials to add or update program information whenever necessary. Forms to update or add new programs are also available through JJC's fax-on-demand service. To access this service, call JJC at 800-638-8736, press 1, press 2, then enter fax-on-demand order number 2130.

Use the order form on page 27 to order a hardcopy of the RESTTA National Directory of Restitution and Community Service Programs (NCJ 166365).

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