The problem of violent crime committed by and against juveniles is a national crisis. The work of the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in developing the Action Plan represents an extraordinary accomplishment. The Action Plan frames the fight against juvenile violence through eight objectives that can be supported by activity at the Federal, State, local, community, and individual levels and bases its recommended actions on research and program evaluations that give us reason to believe that we can be successful. The Action Plan also provides an annotated bibliography and technical assistance resources that can assist in ensuring that success.

While all of the members of the Coordinating Council participated in the development of the Action Plan, a Coordinating Council Working Group that includes the practitioner members and staff from both the member and other participating Federal agencies helped make this a document truly reflective of the needs of the field. The individuals and groups, listed in Appendix B, spent countless hours reviewing, refining, and finalizing the Action Plan. I thank them for their significant contribution. Special thanks are due to the Department of Justice's youth violence working group and to the bureaus of the Office of Justice Programs.

There are several members of the staff of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) without whom this Action Plan could not have been produced. Gina E. Wood, Director of Concentration of Federal Efforts, guided this project with patience and vision to its conclusion. OJJDP Deputy Administrator John J. Wilson helped refine the document into its present clear statement. Sarah Ingersoll, Special Assistant to the OJJDP Administrator, served as the Action Plan's primary author. OJJDP's Juvenile Justice Resource Center provided invaluable support in developing the Action Plan.

The Action Plan was designed to provide a framework and strategy for action to address the problem of juvenile violence facing communities, their youth, and the juvenile justice system. I believe it has accomplished this goal. I look forward to implementing the action steps and seeing the emergence of a stronger juvenile justice system and a safer America.

Shay Bilchik
Vice Chair
Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice
    and Delinquency Prevention

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