Appendix C: Sample Disposition

Deschutes County
Department of Community Justice

Case Summary

Juvenile Name: John Smith     Juvenile Case No.: 96-999
DOB: 01-01-80     Juvenile Counselor: Bob LaCombe

Offense Description: Mr. Smith admits to illegally entering Mrs. Jones's vehicle and dismantling the ignition lock to start the car. Mr. Smith then drove the stolen car to a friend's home. The parents of Mr. Smith's friend telephoned the police, who apprehended Mr. Smith, without incident, as he attempted to leave the premises of his friend.

Disposition: The court hereby orders Mr. John Smith to complete the following conditions of probation: The court recognizes and greatly appreciates the input of Mrs. Jones, the victim of this crime. The term of probation is to be 18 months from this date. The court will entertain a motion to terminate this order from the department of community justice in the event Mr. Smith satisfactorily completes conditions prior to the completion of this probationary period.

Goal Requirements

Community Safety

  1. Mr. Smith will complete a term of 30-days house arrest with exceptions granted only for school, approved skill groups, and work to earn restitution payments.

  2. Mr. Smith will refrain from any law violations for a period of at least 90 concurrent days.

  3. Mr. Smith will complete a 10-week theft talk class without absence.

  4. Mr. Smith will meet with a neighborhood mentor once a week to discuss his schedule, activities, and progress on his plan.


  1. Restitution: Mr. Smith will pay Mrs. Jones $250 to reimburse her for the cost of repairing her vehicle ignition. He will also pay her $150 for the cost of replacing her car keys and replacing and rekeying her home door locks. These payments will be made at the rate of $25 per week. Upon completion of the payments, Mr. Smith will send a letter to Mrs. Jones describing what he has learned from this experience.

  2. Community Service: Mr. Smith will work to earn the money to pay for five club antitheft devices. These devices will then be raffled at the senior citizen housing unit's annual holiday party. Mr. Smith will attend the party and present the devices to the winning seniors.

  3. Understanding the Harm: Mr. Smith will attend and complete, without absence, the department of community justice victim empathy class.


  1. Mr. Smith will enroll in the school district's career planning class and report to the court his plan, in writing, to pursue a career following high school completion.

  2. Mr. Smith will lead a focus group discussion of juveniles who have committed auto theft to explore the motivations for auto theft and report the results at the annual crime-prevention coordinators meeting.

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