Personal and Family Considerations
Chapter 7

Checklist: Figuring Out How To
Pay Your Bills

Even though your world has stopped, the rest of the world marches on. If you work outside the home, your boss may be understanding at first, but may tell you later that you will be replaced if your child is not found quickly. If you are in business for yourself, you will have to balance your need to participate in the search with your need to make decisions about your company. At some point, you will have to deal with the bills that come in and perhaps other financial concerns as well, even if it's to buy yourself more time.

  • Extended Leave. If you need an extended leave from work, ask a family member or friend to talk to your employer on your behalf. For example, some employers allow employees to donate their excess leave time to those who need it.

  • Extensions on Bills. Talk to mortgage companies, utility companies, and other creditors to see if you can get extensions on your bills.

  • Rebudgeting. Ask a friend or an accountant to help you rebudget your finances or refinance your house.

  • Financial Assistance. Call your State missing children's clearinghouse to find out if they know of local resources, such as social services or emergency or other financial assistance funds, that might be able to provide short- or long-term support for you.

  • Victim Compensation Funds. Call the Office for Victims of Crime or your State attorney general's office to find out about victim's compensation funds. Such funds may cover lost wages and other crime-related expenses.

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OJJDP Report: When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide, May 1998