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September | October 2016

OJJDP Research To Be Highlighted at American Society of Criminology Meeting

Twenty sessions highlighting OJJDP-funded research will be featured at the American Society of Criminology’s (ASC’s) annual meeting on November 16–19, 2016, in New Orleans, LA. ASC is an international organization that promotes scientific and professional knowledge concerning the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency.

OJJDP research staff—Brecht Donoghue, Keith Towery, Barbara Tatem Kelley, Jennifer Tyson, and Benjamin Adams—will share recent developments in research that the Office is supporting during the panel “Integrating Social Science, Policy, and Practice in Juvenile Justice: Updates From OJJDP’s Research Program,” and throughout the conference.

In the session “The Model Programs Guide: Translating Evidence-Based Research Into Action-Oriented Steps,” OJJDP and Development Services Group staff will present on a new feature of OJJDP’s Model Programs Guide, the iGuides. These implementation guides help practitioners understand what they need to know about program implementation in order to successfully launch an evidence-based program. Presenters will provide an overview of how the iGuides framework was developed and walk participants through the School-Based Bullying Prevention iGuide.

OJJDP staff will join representatives from the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the Office for Victims of Crime for the roundtable “The Iterative Growth of Translational Criminology at the National Level.” They will discuss the challenges facing federal social science staff working to integrate, disseminate, and diffuse research findings at a national level.

The session “Applying for OJJDP Research Opportunities,” will offer attendees an overview of the OJJDP grants application process, give prospective applicants tips on submitting a successful grant proposal, and provide updates on anticipated research funding opportunities in fiscal year 2017.

During the presentation “Juvenile Justice System Data: How Do We Change the Field?” a member of OJJDP’s research team will discuss the Office’s efforts to collect, analyze, and disseminate national data and statistics. The presenter will also discuss recently launched initiatives to develop models for how data can better serve the information needs of state and local justice agencies.

Other sessions featuring OJJDP-supported research will address youth recidivism, violence in high risk/high need communities, juvenile justice reentry measurement standards, gangs, gun violence, and sex offense policy research, among other topics.

“The American Society of Criminology meeting provides OJJDP with a valuable opportunity to connect with the research field,” said Brecht Donoghue, OJJDP’s Deputy Associate Administrator, Innovation and Research Division. “It’s important for us to learn about what other researchers are doing. We especially want to connect with young researchers, encourage them to take an interest in juvenile justice research, and give them exposure to OJJDP’s resources.”


View a complete list of presentations featuring OJJDP-funded research.

To register for this year’s ASC meeting and access program information, visit the ASC website.