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May | June 2015

Upcoming Events


Child Sex Trafficking—Law Enforcement Response: July 15–17, 2015AMBER Alert Logo

This training, presented in Medford, OR, by the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program, will provide participants with information to properly understand, recognize, and investigate cases involving child sex trafficking and exploitation. In addition to taking a modular focus on the survivor’s perspective and changing perceptions regarding victims. Participants also will receive instruction on tactical implementation designed to identify human trafficking and exploitation, conducting enforcement operations, and the roles of nonprofits, probation, and parole. The training agenda and registration information are available online.

Visit the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program website for other training opportunities, including:

2015 National Conference on School Discipline: July 15–17, 2015

Topics presented at the National Conference on School Discipline, to be held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, will include: exemplary research-based programs; supportive, nonexclusionary disciplinary practices; common mistakes teachers make with classroom control; do’s and don’ts of applying positive behavior interventions; keys to working with minority students; and helping teachers thrive in classrooms filled with highly challenging students. Registration information for this event, sponsored by Development Resources, Inc., is available online.

Summit on Prosecution Integrity: July 19–21, 2015

Hosted by the National District Attorney’s Association, this summit will feature educational and strategy sessions for using best practices to address issues critical to prosecutors’ efforts in every state. The preliminary agenda for the summit—to be held in Chicago, IL—and registration information is available online.

Forensic Interviewing of Children Training: July 20–24, September 21–25, October 19–23, December 7–11, 2015

National Children's Advocacy Center logo

Sponsored by the National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC), these comprehensive trainings, to be held in Huntsville, AL, include audience discussion, child interview practicum, a review of recorded forensic interviews, experiential skill-building exercises, and participation in a mock court simulation. Each attendee will receive a training manual, a recorded copy of their interview practicum, access to additional training materials online, and post-training support as requested. Registration information is available online.

See other training opportunities on the NCAC website, including:

American Bar Association Biennial National Conferences: July 22–25, 2015 American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law logo

The American Bar Association (ABA) Center on Children and the Law will host its biennial national conferences in Washington, DC.

The 4th National Parent Attorney Conference: Achieving Justice Against the Odds will be held July 22–23; the agenda is available online.

The 16th ABA National Conference on Children and the Law: Advancing Access to Justice for Children and Families will convene July 24–25; the agenda is available online.

The conferences will provide attorneys with current knowledge, best practices, and advocacy strategies to improve outcomes for children and families. Preconference sessions will focus on trial skills for parent attorneys and strengthening kinship care for children. Registration information is available online.

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children's 23rd Annual Colloquium: July 22–25, 2015

The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children's Colloquium will address aspects of child maltreatment including prevention, assessment, intervention and treatment with victims, perpetrators, and families affected by physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and neglect. This year’s colloquium will be held in Boston, MA. Additional information on registration, workshops, presenters, and other networking and learning opportunities is available online.

National Forum on Criminal Justice: August 2–5, 2015

The event, sponsored by the National Forum on Criminal Justice, will focus on the integration of policy, practice, research and technology to improve public safety. This year's forum will be held in Atlanta, GA. Registration information is available online.

8th Annual National Rural Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Conference: August 5–7, 2015

Sponsored by the Coalition for Healthy Youth the conference, to be held in Lancaster, SC, will focus on exploring the critical issues facing rural communities today—especially the growing use of social media tools, and the issues of sustainability and environmental prevention—along with effective strategies to meet those challenges. Registration information is available online.

18th Annual International Gang Specialist Training Conference: August 10–12, 2015

Sponsored by the National Gang Crime Research Center, this conference provides more than 100 courses in many areas of expertise designed to "train the trainer" in law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, and K–12 as well as schools, prevention, and intervention. The conference will be held in Chicago, IL. Registration information is available online.Crimes Against Children Conference Logo

27th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference: August 10–13, 2015

This event provides practical instruction using current information, new ideas, and successful intervention strategies for professionals who are responsible for combating the many and varied forms of crimes against children. The event, sponsored by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, is designed for law enforcement officers, child protection caseworkers, probation/parole officers, children's advocacy center staff, victim advocates, prosecutors, medical professionals, and therapists. Registration information is available online.

20th International Conference and Summit on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma: August 23–26, 2015

To be held in San Diego, CA, this conference will feature tracks on at-risk youth, child maltreatment, children exposed to violence, intimate partner violence, legal and criminal justice issues, sexual assault and victimization, trauma, and more. The event is hosted by the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma at Alliant International University. Registration information is available online.

38th National Child Welfare, Juvenile, and Family Law Conference: August 25–27, 2015

Sponsored by the National Association of Counsel for Children this event brings together the top leaders in child welfare, juvenile justice, and family law. Topics will include how to respond to abuse and neglect, and information on juvenile justice, family law, policy advocacy, custody law, parental rights, and practical skills. Registration information for this conference, which will be held in Monterey, CA, is available online.

14th European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect: September 27–30, 2015

International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Logo

Sponsored by the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, the conference"Children First! Collaborative and Inter-Sectorial Responses to Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation”will cover a range of topics, including the prevention of child abuse and neglect through early and sustained involvement, interventions and programs for children and families experiencing adversity, addressing children’s rights and participation, reforms in child protection and welfare policy, children in out-of-home care, and evidence-based practices. Registration information about this event, to be held in Bucharest, Romania, is available online.

School-Justice Partnerships Certificate Program: September 28–October 2, October 29–November 4, December 6–10, 2015

Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Logo

The School-Justice Partnerships certificate program will be held at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Sponsored by the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, the program is designed to provide school and district staff, court professionals, law enforcement, and other child-serving community leaders with the knowledge and understanding necessary to address the immediate and long-term needs of students known to, or at risk of entering, the juvenile justice system. Apply by July 10; application information is available online.

The center will hold two other certificate programs:

122nd Annual IACP Conference and Exposition: October 24–27, 2015IACP 2015 Logo

Featuring forums, technical workshops, and an exhibit hall, this annual event provides law enforcement professionals with opportunities to learn more about emerging trends in law enforcement and the latest developments in technology. The event, to be held in Chicago, IL, is hosted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Registration information is available online.

National Youth-At-Risk Conference: November 5–7, 2015

Hosted by the National Youth At-Risk Center of Georgia Southern University, this conference will train youth service providers on how to create safe, healthy, caring, and intellectually empowering educational environments. Participants will learn about current research-based programs and strategies that empower young people to overcome at-risk conditions that threaten their safety, health, emotional needs, or academic achievement. Registration information for the conference, which will be held in Las Vegas, NV, is available online.

American Society of Criminology Meeting: November 18–21, 2015

The theme for the American Society of Criminology’s (ASC’s) 2015 meeting, to be held in Washington, DC, is “The Politics of Crime and Justice.” ASC is the largest professional criminological society in the world and includes practitioners, academicians, and students in the fields of criminal justice and criminology. More information about the meeting, including the program, hotel arrangements, and registration, is available online.

12th Global Youth Justice Training Institute: December 1–3, 2015

Global Youth Justice Logo Global Youth Justice will host its 12th Global Youth Justice Training Institute in Las Vegas, NV. Participants will learn strategies to establish or enhance local youth justice diversion programs through teen, student, youth, and peer courts and peer juries. Topics will include training youth and adult volunteers; providing quality community services, programs, and referrals; and conducting mock family intake meetings as well as grant writing, funding opportunities, and more. Registration information is available online.

ZERO TO THREE’s 30th National Training Institute: December 2–4, 2015Zero to Three National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families Logo

The National Training Institute, to be held in Seattle, WA, is ZERO TO THREE’s annual multidisciplinary training event for experienced early childhood professionals. The institute has been developed to meet the learning and networking needs of those working with infants and toddlers in child welfare, early childhood education, early intervention, mental health, parent education, and pediatrics. Registration information is available online.

30th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment: January 23–29, 2016

The objective of the San Diego International Conference—sponsored by the Chadwick Center for Children and Families—is to develop and enhance professionals' skills and knowledge in the prevention, recognition, assessment, and treatment of all forms of child and family maltreatment as well as enhancing investigative and legal skills. Topics include mental health and trauma, forensic interviewing, investigations, research, child welfare, and domestic violence as well as global issues and perspectives. Learn more about the conference from the conference website.

National Mentoring Summit: January 27–29, 2016

This annual event, sponsored by MENTOR, will be held in Washington, DC. The summit will bring together practitioners, researchers, corporate partners, government and civic leaders, national youth-serving organizations—and the network of affiliate Mentoring Partnerships—to explore and advance the positive impact of mentoring on individuals and communities. The theme for this year’s summit is "Connection, Growth, Opportunity." Learn more about the summit from MENTOR’s website.