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January | February 2014

OJJDP's Model Programs Guide Offers Expanded, User-Friendly Resources

OJJDP has relaunched its Model Programs Guide (MPG), an online resource of more than 180 evidence-based prevention, intervention, and reentry programs for juvenile justice practitioners, policymakers, and communities. MPG now uses the Office of Justice Programs’ (OJP’s) review process, scoring instrument, and evidence ratings. The two sites also share a common database of juvenile-related programs. This development allows for better alignment of the OJJDP and OJP registries.

In addition, MPG now offers the following new features:

  • An enhanced search function, including a keyword search; an expanded list of topics; and filters for age, protective factors, and risk factors. These new features offer multiple ways to locate information, depending on users’ specific needs.
  • An updated Resources section, including literature reviews, related links, publications, a glossary of MPG terms, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Youth Programs at a Glance, showing the total number of MPG programs along with a pie chart of programs judged to be “effective,” “promising,” or showing “no effects.”
  • Highlighting of recently posted programs on the home page to ensure that practitioners and policymakers are kept current on recent Web site developments.
  • Individual program profiles featuring information about evaluation outcomes and methodology, cost, implementation, evidence base, additional references, and related practices.

“With the launch of the newly updated Model Programs Guide, OJJDP is able to offer a more interactive and user-friendly resource that will help communities across the country identify effective interventions for at-risk youth,” said OJJDP Administrator Robert L. Listenbee.

MPG web site screenshot


To access OJJDP’s Model Program Guide, visit the agency’s Web site.